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Our news feed contains information about new resources, newly catalogued or acquired archive collections, current and upcoming projects and events, and service developments.

Information about past work at the Modern Records Centre is included in our annual reports and information bulletins (available online from 1996/7 to 2016/7). Recordings of several past events are also available - the student-led Open Education Series, 2014-2016, and the schools project Archives Alive, 2016.

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New digitised collection!

We're finally ready to share our lockdown digitisation project with you!

Dame Eileen Younghusband (1902-1981) was a key figure in the development of social work during the 20th century. Her archives are held at the Modern Records Centre and include a wealth of sources relating to both her professional and personal life.

Eileen Younghusband’s diaries, written between 1917-1930, cover a transitional period in her life, beginning with her wartime childhood in an upper middle class home at Wimbledon and ending as she started her career as a tutor at the London School of Economics. They cover her ambivalent relationship with post-war ‘High Society’, growing interest in politics and issues of social justice, first steps towards social work (through the Whitechapel Care Committee and Bermondsey Princess Club) and education at the LSE, as well as the routine of daily life (particularly with regard to shopping, socialising and travelling).

All twenty two volumes of the diaries have been digitised and transcribed in full. A selection of other sources, including photograph albums from the First World War and immediate post-First World War period, have also been digitised.

Photograph of Eileen Younghusband

Thu 01 Apr 2021, 13:21 | Tags: Digitisation

National Asylum Workers Union: sources online!

All issues of the National Asylum Workers Union magazine between 1912-1929 have now been scanned and are available online through the Modern Records Centre's catalogue.

The journal includes information about the activities of the union, conditions for employees and some patients within asylums, and attitudes towards mental health during the early 20th century.

If there are out of copyright documents at the Modern Records Centre that you would like to see online, get in contact with us and help us to prioritise our digitisation programme.

Front cover of the National Asylum Workers Union magazine, 1912

Tue 24 Nov 2020, 15:21 | Tags: Digitisation

Shirtmaking and the 'sweated trades'

The quintessential 'sweated trade', sources on early 20th century shirtmaking have now been added to our ongoing digitisation project on 'The Sweated Trades: Working life in the early 20th century'.

The digitised sources include information about pay, working conditions and the effects of the First World War, including protests over women's wartime 'invasion' of cutting rooms and a string of strikes.

Photograph of textile workers in a factory, early 20th century

Thu 30 Jan 2020, 12:56 | Tags: Digitisation

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