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Carvers, Picture-Frame Makers and Gilders

There were several relevant unions for these trades, however we have very few records regarding their administration and organisation.

Amalgamated Society of Gilders (681)

London-based society. Formed in 1880 following the merger of four London gilders' societies: The Old Phoenix, Hand in Hand, Kings Arms, and Perseverance. In 1921 it became Branch 183 of the National Amalgamated Furniture Trades Association.

Minute book, 1878-1928. Other records are held by the Working Class Movement Library in Salford.

Amalgamated Picture Frame Trade Union

London based union established in 1891, 62 members in 1892, registered 1894, ceased to exist in 1902.

We hold NO RECORDS for this union.

Independent Carvers Society (London)

Established 1901, dissolved 1902.

We hold NO RECORDS for this union.


Relevant records may also be included in the archives of the following organisations:

Alliance Cabinet Makers' Association

Established in 1865. In 1902 it amalgamated with the United Operative Cabinet and Chairmakers' Society of Scotland to form the National Amalgamated Furnishing Trades' Association.

Annual reports, 1872-83, 1901.

Friendly Society of Operative Cabinet Makers / Amalgamated Union of Cabinet Makers

In 1833 local societies of cabinet makers formed a national union which was known as the Friendly Society of Operative Cabinet Makers or the Cabinet Makers' Union. From 1885 it was known as the Amalgamated Union of Cabinetmakers. The union merged with the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners in 1918 to form the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters, Cabinetmakers and Joiners.

Executive Committee minutes, 1915-1918; printed annual reports, 1834-1915; printed monthly reports, 1876-1915; Belfast branch minutes, 1873-1885. Includes annual reports of the Operative Cabinet Makers' Carvers' and Wood Turners' Friendly Society (from 1874, the Friendly Society of Operative Cabinet and Chair Makers, Carvers and Wood Turners), 1871-1878, 1880-1915 (MSS.78/CU/4/1/4-11).

National Amalgamated Furnishing Trades' Association

Formed in 1902 by the amalgamation of the Alliance Cabinet Makers' Association and the United Operative Cabinet and Chairmakers' Society of Scotland. In 1911 it absorbed the Amalgamated Society of French Polishers and in 1947 an amalgamation with the Amalgamated Union of Upholsterers led to the formation of the National Union of Furniture Trade Operatives

Annual reports, 1902-45 (incomplete); monthly reports, bulletins, 1915-47 (incomplete).