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ePortfolio: Postgraduate Researcher Directory

Live directory

Name Description Last Updated
Mitchell Gould The PhD ePortfolio of Mitchell Gould 05/02/19
Mustafa Demirbilek The ePortfolio of Mustafa Demirbilek 09/08/17
Nadia Morozova The PhD ePortfolio of Nadia Morozova 15/10/18
Naomi Marsden The PhD ePortfolio of Naomi Marsden 04/09/19
Naomi Prosser The ePortfolio of Naomi Prosser 10/05/19
Natércia das Neves Rodrigues The ePortfolio of Natercia das Neves Rodrigues 03/10/17
Nicole Beardsworth The ePortfolio of Nicole Beardsworth 16/10/15
Oihane Etayo The PhD ePortfolio of Oihane Etayo 08/10/20
Pesala Bandara The ePortfolio of Pesala Bandara 11/09/14
Polina Mesinioti The PhD ePortfolio of Polina Mesinioti 09/11/20
Qiuyang Chen The PhD ePortfolio of Qiuyang Chen 14/01/19
Rachel Lewis's eportfolio The ePortfolio of Rachel Lewis 03/08/17
Rebecca Pillière 10/11/20
Richard Pinner The ePortfolio of Richard Pinner 06/10/17
Ritika Ghosal Ritika Ghosal 27/03/20
Roselyn Ware The ePortfolio of Roselyn Ware 30/05/18
Rosemberg Toala Enriquez The ePortfolio of Rosemberg Toala Enriquez 05/03/13
Roy Wilson The ePortfolio of Roy Wilson 16/04/16
Samaneh Zandian The ePortfolio of Samaneh Zandian 30/12/16
Samir Hamdoud The PhD ePortfolio of Samir Hamdoud 18/10/20
Sander Molenaar The PhD ePortfolio of Sander Molenaar 07/10/20
Sarah Boote Powell The PhD ePortfolio of Sarah Boote Powell 06/10/20
Scott Dwyer The PhD ePortfolio of Scott Dwyer 24/10/16
Sean McDaniel The PhD ePortfolio of Sean McDaniel 06/11/17
Sean Mulcahy 30/09/20
Seonyoung Hwang The ePortfolio of Seonyoung Hwang 12/11/18
Shannon Greer The ePortfolio of Shannon Greer nee Easterlow 03/10/18
Shiyuan Liu The PhD ePortfolio of Shiyuan Liu 16/03/18
Sian Williamson The PhD ePortfolio of Sian Williamson 21/03/19
Simon Cooper The ePortfolio of Simon Cooper 14/01/14
Simone Griesser Consumer behaviour research with big data but without correlational and social network analyses. 18/12/18
Takumi Aoyama The PhD ePortfolio of Takumi Aoyama 01/03/19
Teddy Cunningham The ePortfolio of Teddy Cunningham, PhD student at the Warwick Institute for the Science of the Cities, based at the University of Warwick. 30/11/18
Thomas Greenaway The ePortfolio of Thomas Greenaway 25/05/16
Tim Alexander Brockmann The PhD ePortfolio of Tim Alexander Brockmann 28/08/20
Tina Janssen The PhD ePortfolio of Tina Janssen 04/11/20
Victoria Woolley Victoria Woolley 02/04/18
Watthanan Jatuviriyapornchai The ePortfolio of Watthanan Jatuviriyapornchai 14/09/17
Wen Zhang The ePortfolio of Wen Zhang 21/02/18
Xuemeng Cao The PhD ePortfolio of Xuemeng Cao 13/12/17
Ying Liu master_template 14/02/19
Yuanwei Xu The ePortfolio of Yuanwei Xu 02/09/16
Zi Wang The PhD ePortfolio of Zi Wang 08/11/20
Zoë Shacklock The PhD ePortfolio of Zoë Shacklock 21/11/17
Zoë Willis The ePortfolio of Zoë Willis 18/09/18
Adam Morgan Adam Morgan is a PhD reserach student in the Bon group at The University of Warwick Chemistry faculty. 16/04/13
Aimee Poote The ePortfolio of Aimee Poote 05/03/09
Alaina Emmanuel The ePortfolio of Emanuella Ahanmisi 18/10/12
Alice Kiai The ePortfolio of Alice Kiai 21/05/12
Andrea Fischer The ePortfolio of Andrea Fischer 22/07/11
Beth Moore The ePortfolio of Beth Moore 10/08/11
Claire Booyjzsen The ePortfolio of Claire Booyjzsen transferrin 17/05/10
Hasan Gilani Syed Hasan Gilani, Retail Brands, Corporate Branding, and Brand Management 22/07/08
Ian Hancox The ePortfolio of Ian Hancox 15/05/12
Intan Marzueani The Portfolio of Intan Marzueani 12/09/11
Dr Jasmine Desmond The ePortfolio of Jasmine Desmond 03/03/17
Jawad El-Omari Jawad El-Omari's web page 29/09/11
Jennifer Yates The ePortfolio of Jennifer Yates 24/11/11
Jonathan Durham The ePortfolio of Jonathan Durham 29/09/15
Juan Pablo Torres The ePortfolio of Juan Pablo Torres 04/01/12
Lauren Jade Thompson The ePortfolio of Lauren Jade Thompson 16/04/12
Louise Harmer The ePortfolio of Louise Harmer 14/06/12
Louise Wright The ePortfolio of Louise Wright 05/05/13
Mark Ahmad The ePortfolio of Mark Ahmad 16/12/10
Matija Vidmar The ePortfolio of Matija Vidmar 03/09/15
Maud Perrier The ePortfolio of Maud Perrier 02/04/10
Melsia Tomlin-Kraftner The ePortfolio of Melsia Tomlin-Kraftner 05/09/12
Miria Koshy The ePortfolio of Miria Koshy 26/03/13
Philippe Le Goff The ePortfolio of Philippe Le Goff 03/01/17
Robert Lazenby The ePortfolio of Robert Lazenby 23/02/15
Rumana Islam The ePortfolio of Rumana Islam 10/02/12
Sophie Royall The ePortfolio of msrebo 30/08/11
Stephen Lovelady The ePortfolio of Stephen Lovelady 22/08/17
Talib Al Maqbali The ePortfolio of Talib Al Maqbali 01/12/12
Teresa MacKinnon The ePortfolio of Teresa MacKinnon 04/04/13
UngKyu Han The ePortfolio of UngKyu Han 03/02/13
Victoria Turner The ePortfolio of Victoria Turner 24/01/12
Yang Meng The ePortfolio of Yang Meng 04/02/08
Zhuohao Chen The ePortfolio of Zhuohao Chen 29/09/11