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CS405 - Introduction to Empirical Modelling 2009/10


The key themes of the module are summarised in the description of computer science taught modules. The way in which these themes are developed varies from year to year, as can be seen from the previous CS405 webpages to which links are given below. A radically new variant of the principal modelling tool ("the EDEN interpreter") has been developed by Nick Pope for this year's module. This will have a significant impact both on the content of lectures and labs and on the way in which material is presented. It will also open up new opportunities for Empirical Modelling projects that address issues that have proved problematic with the existing versions of EDEN.


For 2009-10, CS405 will run in Term 1, weeks 1-10:

  • Lecture: Monday 12 noon in CS101
  • Lab Session: Tuesday 11 am-1 pm in CS101/CS001
  • Lecture: Thursday 12 noon in CS101

The first session will be a 2 hour lab session on Tuesday October 6th. A brief introduction to this session will be given in CS101 at 11am, and will lead into the practical laboratory session in CS001.

The CS405 examination will take place on Friday May 28th. For more information about the form and content of the examination, consult the notes distributed at the revision lecture.

Remember the module forum

Previous material 2005-6, 2006-7, 2007-8 and 2008-9 is available for those interested. The current CS405 page is here.

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Download the tkeden tool (version 1.67). This is an older and simpler tool than tkeden-2.10, which is as yet only available in the labs, as discussed below.


Details of the 2009-10 assignment are now available via the assignment webpage. (See the tabs on the left-hand panel of the assignment webpage for details of the initial and final submission procedures.)


The coursework and the examination contribute 50% to the final mark for the module. The format of the CS405 exam for 2010 will be unchanged: Question 1 is a compulsory question, and you must answer two questions out of the other four. You will have 3 hours in which to answer the paper. This year's paper will be marked out of 50 (question 1 will carry 20 marks, and questions 2, 3, 4 and 5 will carry 15 marks).



    The new version of the EDEN interpreter ("tkeden-2.10") at present only exists as a Linux prototype. It is currently installed as the default version of tkeden on the Linux workstations in CS001. Older variants of EDEN will also be exercised in the module and are sufficient for running existing models in the EM archive. These are available for download for a range of operating systems from the link above. The recently added webpage on the Web EDEN interpreter may also be of interest as a site giving convenient access to some EM models.

    • Lab 1 - Introduction to the EM tools (6th October)
      Handout: Introductory remarks
      LINKExercises (based on Nick Pope's Stargate model -- see gate.dasm in ~wmb/RESEARCH/PhD/NickP/svn/projects/published/stargate directory)

    [The original sources from which the Stargate model were derived are in the ~wmb/RESEARCH/PhD/NickP/WGD/scripts/stargate directory]

    Handout: Matters arising from the laboratory

     Generic feedback and individual feedback

     Installing tkeden-2.10 on a laptop

     Advice on writing your paper