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Principal Investigators

mohan bMohan Balasubramanian

Molecular mechanisms regulating eukaryotic cytokinesis


tom barberThomas Barber
Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Endocrinologist

The impact of human metabolism on development of obesity and strategies to prevent and manage obesity and diabetes

claire bastieClaire Bastie
Associate Professor

The molecular basis of obesity and diabetes

andrew blanksAndrew Blanks

The mechanisms of reproduction in mammals

andrew bowmanAndrew Bowman
Associate Professor

How eukaryotic DNA is packaged and organised within the cell

jan brosensJan Brosens

The development of new tests and therapies to prevent implantation failure and miscarriage

robert crossRobert Cross
Professor and Director, Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology

The force generating mechanisms of kinesins and microtubules

robert dallmannRobert Dallmann
Associate Professor

The interplay between circadian clocks, diseases and pharmacotherapy

martin daveyMartin Davey
Associate Professor

The use of cutting-edge techniques to explore the role of unconventional T cells in the immune surveillance of the human body

Samuel DeanSamuel Dean
Assistant Professor

Understanding flagellum function in protozoan parasites and humans

Alexiane DecoutAlexiane Decout
Assistant Professor

Investigating the role of the innate immune system and host-microbiota interactions in women’s reproductive health disorders.

Tarvinder DhanjalTarvinder Dhanjal

Cardiac arrhythmias; atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia; ablation, complex mapping technologies


blankComing soon
Assistant Professor

DimitrisDimitris Grammatopoulos

Stress hormones and homeostatic adaptive responses in feto-maternal pathophysiology

erin greavesErin Greaves
Associate Professor

Investigating disease mechanisms in the chronic inflammatory disorder endometriosis

wolfram gruhnWolfram Gruhn
Assistant Professor

Understanding the establishment and embryonic development of the mammalian germline.

shervanthiShervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam

Vascular surgery, pathophysiology of reperfusion injury in vascular surgery; vascular tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

geraldine hartshorneGeraldine Hartshorne
Professor and Scientific Director of the Centre for Reproductive Medicine at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust

Indicators of oocyte and embryo development


john jamesJohn James
Associate Professor

How the cells of our immune system are capable of discriminating between healthy and infected cells

darius koesterDarius Koester
Associate Professor

The molecular and physical principles that govern processes at the plasma membrane of cells

michael lewisMichael Lewis
Associate Professor

How the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi causes Chagas disease

andrew mcainshAndrew McAinsh
Professor and Pro Dean (Research)

How cells ensure error-free chromosome segregation

Satyajit MayorSatyajit Mayor

Membrane organisation and dynamics at cellular interfaces

jonathan millarJonathan Millar
Professor and Director, MRC Doctoral Training Partnership

The fundamental mechanisms that regulate the cell division cycle

Masanori MishimaMasanori Mishima
Associate Professor

The mechanism of cytokinesis

OttSascha Ott
Director Bioinformatics RTP

Gene regulatory networks, regulatory sequence analysis, multi-omic and single-cell data analysis

Sebastien PerrierSebastien Perrier
Professor and Monash-Warwick Chair in Polymer Chemistry (Joint appointment with Department of Chemistry)

The development of novel materials for medical application

Siobhan QuenbySiobhan Quenby

Understanding and preventing pregnancy loss

Harpal RandevaHarpal Randeva
Senior Clinical Lecturer

Metabolic and endocrine diseases, including obesity, diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome in women, and their related heart problems

Aparna RatheeshAparna Ratheesh
Assistant Professor

How migrating cells talk to their immediate and distant neighbours using both chemical and mechanical signals

Nicole RobbNicole Robb
Associate Professor

Replication, detection and diagnosis of RNA viruses

Stephen RoyleStephen Royle

Mitosis and membrane trafficking


Karuna SampathKaruna Sampath

Development and differentiation of embryonic progenitors and adult stem cells, and the molecular mechanisms underlying these processes

Tim SaundersTimothy Saunders

Deciphering the biochemical and biomechanical processes that shape organs

Michael SmutnyMichael Smutny
Associate Professor

The crosstalk between cell and tissue-scale mechanics and biochemical signalling to regulate developmental programs and cellular mechanisms in the embryo

david spanswickDavid Spanswick

Mechanisms by which neuroendocrine, autonomic and behavioural responses to disturbances in energy levels are integrated.

anne straubeAnne Straube
Professor and Head of Biomedical Sciences

Mechanisms that generate specific microtubule arrays in polarised cells

craig thompsonCraig Thompson
Assistant Professor

Viral evolution, pathogenesis and vaccine development

meera unnikrishnanMeera Unnikrishnan
Associate Professor

Understanding how bacteria invade and survive our host defence systems

nick waterfieldNick Waterfield

Understanding the molecular mechanisms and ultimately exploiting natural bacterial toxin systems for biotechnology purposes

lawrence youngLawrence Young

Cancer pathogenesis and treatments


victor zammitVictor Zammit

The roles of key enzymes in the partitioning of fatty acid metabolism leading to oxidation or esterification