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LMI for All Webinar Series: Predicting Future Skill Needs

Bookings are now open for the next webinar on Predicting Future Skill Needs. Tickets for the event on 7 May, 10-11.30 am are available via Eventbrite.

Tue 09 Apr 2024, 18:50 | Tags: skills, LMI for all

Spelling It Out, Making It Count

This new report investigates the current state of Functional Skills Qualifications (FSQs) in English and maths in the UK following their reform in 2019.

Conducted by the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) and The University of Warwick Institute of Employment Research (IER), and supported by the Gatsby Foundation and the Edge Foundation, the study explores whether FSQs are still serving their intended purpose as practical, real world alternatives to GCSEs that focus on developing essential life and work skills.

Wed 28 Feb 2024, 16:30 | Tags: VET, skills

Event: LMI for All webinar series - Skills mismatches

As part of part of LMI for All's mission to provide the latest information about the state of skills demand and supply, the webinar will provide insights into the current state of skill mismatches.

Hosted by IER and moderated by Terence Hogarth, the online event takes place on Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024, 10:00 - 12:00 hours GMT. It consists of three expert presentations with opportunities for questions. Book your ticket here.

Mon 12 Feb 2024, 09:07 | Tags: skills, events

Europe needs a management policy not just more skills policies - Blog by Chris Warhurst

Last year, 2023, was The European Year of Skills. Its purpose was to address skills shortages and promote reskilling and upskilling. It is also intended that workers acquire the right skills to access quality jobs. Such aims are laudable and extend the strong and continuous emphasis on the importance of skills by the European Commission. However, policy on management is also needed.

Thu 08 Feb 2024, 18:00 | Tags: !Blog skills European Union

Futures of Green Skills and Jobs

The transition towards greener and more sustainable economies will have a significant impact on the EU labour market and skill needs will change. In order to understand the potential future outcomes, and anticipate their potential policy implications, a foresight Deep Dive has been carried out.

Mon 22 Jan 2024, 10:52 | Tags: green industry, skills

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