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IER Newsletter - March 2024
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First EUTOPIA PhD graduate

Rebeka Balogh became IER’s first EUTOPIALink opens in a new window graduate. EUTOPIA is a pan European partnership of ten universities focused on collaborative research. It funded a joint PhD studentship between IER and Interface Demography (ID) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Rebeka successfully publicly defended her thesis on job quality and mental health in March at VUB. Since submitting her thesis Rebeka has left IER and ID to take up a post in the School of Health & Wellbeing at Glasgow University.

Towards a standard measure of job quality for European industry

In March, Chris WarhurstLink opens in a new window of IER met with IndustriALL in Brussels to discuss job quality. IdustriALLLink opens in a new window is the global union federation for the mining, energy and manufacturing sectors and IndustriAll Europe has a Good Jobs campaignLink opens in a new window ahead of the European elections in June.

The campaign champions having a proactive European industrial plan to create good industrial jobs The discussion centred on initiatives within the UK to measure and report job quality nationally.

New ReWAGE paper on work and wages in adult social care

Beate BaldaufLink opens in a new window of IER and experts of the ReWAGE social care group from a number of UK universities, presented key findings of the evidence review on work and wages in adult social care to the Department for Business and Trade.

The ReWAGE Evidence Paper was funded by abrdn Financial Fairness TrustLink opens in a new window and will be published open access in April.

IER in the News - older workers and the US presidential elections

As Biden faces questions about his age, researchers weigh in on working in your 80s.

US media outlet CNBC interviewed Professor Philip TaylorLink opens in a new window about issues of ageing and work during intense scrutiny of the prospect of an octogenarian President in the White House. Find out more about what he said on the CNBC websiteLink opens in a new window.


New publications

Wright, T., Conley, H. and Sarter, E.K (2024). 'Using public procurement to promote equality in employment: assessment of the evidence from Australia, South Africa and the UK.' In Research Handbook on Inequalities and WorkLink opens in a new window, Edited by: Forson, C., Healy, G., Öztürk, M.B. and Tatli, A. Elgar Handbooks on Inequality. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 179-194.

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