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Food GRP Calendar Competition

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To celebrate Earth Day (22/04/14), the Food GRP has announced the winners of the Food GRP Calendar Competition.



Have a look at the final result of the

Food GRP Calendar, month by month!



Food GRP Calendar theme

'Food' is one of the University of Warwick's Global Research Priorities (GRP), bringing together the interdependent issues of food production and supply, environmental and social sustainability, governance (including science and technology), social justice, nutrition and public health. It also encompasses the different dimensions of 'food security':

  • that all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life;
  • that local communities and nation states can build resilience in the face of significant environmental and social disruptions, such as droughts and riots;
  • that people can have confidence in an assured supply of sufficient and appropriate food, at affordable prices, now and for future generations.

The Food GRP is interested in collating and showcasing the wealth of knowledge and creativity around food at the University of Warwick so it is now launching a photo competition open to students from every department.

We want to compile a calendar that reflects how our diverse Warwick student community sees food. We’re looking for great pictures for each month of the year, so images related to certain months/seasons are particularly welcome. Moreover, next year the university is celebrating its 50th anniversary so pictures celebrating this date would be particularly pertinent. The more original and creative the better, let your imagination run wild!

Need inspiration?

We are looking for photos about food in every aspect. Whether it is food as a need, as a right, or food as culture, celebration and sharing, every proposal is welcome.

Think differently, be original! Think about the food you eat and what it means to you. Food is omnipresent in our daily lives but it gains even more importance during festive days. Think of food festivals, allotments, food research on campus, community growing, retail, farmers’ markets, or major events related to food at the University of Warwick such as Go Green Week.

Food can be tasty, local, organic, exotic, fair-trade, shared, wasted, seasonal, imported, nutritious, fresh, home-grown, vegetarian, pickled, traditional, expensive, processed, gleaned …

Find out more…

To learn more about the competition, check the guidelines page.

To see the pre-selected pictures, check the photo gallery.

To learn more about the organisers, visit the Food GRP website.

For any further queries, please email us to: