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And the winners are...

And the winners of the first ever Food GRP Calendar Competition, for the year 2014/2015 are:

  • Marika Mura (Politics & International Studies) - Photos 4, 5 and 6

  • Tuvan Soykan (Warwick Business School) - Photo 26

  • Yujing Chen (Warwick Manufacturing Group) - Photo 23

  • Timothy Kaufmann (Life Sciences) - Photo 1
  • Kamran Shakeel (Warwick Business School) - Photo 27
  • Alice Yousef (English and Comparative Literary Studies) - Photo 34
  • Colin Tan (Warwick Business School) - Photo 33
  • Xuan Khaw (Warwick Business School) - Photo 16
  • Christiane Görgen (Statistics) - Photo 25
  • Margaux Simon (Warwick Business School) - Photo 2

Many congratulations to all the winners. The number and quality of the photos submitted was outstanding and it was great to see that a large number of people got involved in the voting process to choose the best 12 pictures. The participation and enthusiasm of students and staff alike has been great, thank you!

All 10 winners will receive a copy of the Food GRP Calendar, featuring their own picture. Marika Mura from Politics & International Studies is the grand winner of this competition, she will have her photo featured on the front cover of the calendar and will also receive £150. Congratulations!

Food GRP competition winner shares her prize with Tanzanian students

Marika Mura, the grand winner of this competition, has decided to use her prize to organise an essay competition for students of a secondary school in Tanzania, in the village of Kwala.The students of this school are the ones farming in the picture that won the first prize.

The essay will be on: 'The importance of agriculture in Tanzania in the past and today'. ​The first three essays selected for level of research and creativity will win a share of the £150 to use for academic needs such as school fees, school canteen, school garden and books.

The Food GRP is delighted to see the prize being used for such an inspirational initiative!

Have a look at the final design of the Food GRP Calendar!