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Food Action and Research Midlands (FARM) Network. Report of the Food Poverty Workshop - the workshop held on 2nd May 2019 at the University of Warwick was the first in what we hope is a series of workshops where experts by experience, front line food poverty workers and campaigners and academic researchers work together to identify the knowledge gaps specifically in the Midlands region. A follow-up meeting took place on 20th June where the findings of this workshop were presented.

A ‘drop’ towards food security - post-graduate students Marika Mura, Sarah Goler Solecki, Prapimphan Chiengkul, and Filip Brkovic from the Department of Politics and International Studies have successfully completed a project to assist a secondary school in the Tanzanian Coast Region to sustain the costs of the water harvesting system currently in place in order to sustainably care for the school garden where several different vegetables and trees are planted.

Food GRP calendar 2014-15 - the Food GRP organised a photo competition for students and the winning images were made into a calendar - of which there are hard copies and an on-line version. Marika Mura, the grand winner of this competition, decided to use her prize to organise an essay competition for students of a secondary school in Tanzania, in the village of Kwala.

Defra report - Household Food Security in the UK: A Review of Food Aid - Defra commissioned the University of Warwick and the Food Ethics Council to undertake a Rapid Evidence Assessment to help improve understanding of the ‘food aid’ landscape in the UK. In particular, the review addressed who might be asking for such help, as well as how and why they do so. Report published 20th February 2014. Warwick authors are Professor Liz Dowler, Dr Eric Jensen and Monae Verbeke - all from the Department of Sociology.

Bayesian networks for Food Security - Professor James Q. Smith, Dr. Martine J. Barons and Xiaoyan Zhong presented this poster at a meeting in the Department of Statistics on 27th November 2013 - What has statistics ever done for you.....? This public engagement event showcased the various ways that the field of Statistics has contributed to science and society in celebration of the International Year of Statistics 2013.

Future Foodscapes: Grow Warwick, an interdisciplinary collaboration event connected to the Food Global Research Priority, took place on the 17th October in areas around the Piazza and the Warwick Arts Centre and in the Writers' Room, Milburn House.
The Apple Anthology - launched 17th October 2013 in the Writers' Room, Milburn House.

The First international conference on Global Food Security was held in the Netherlands on 29 September - 2 October 2013. Carla Sarrouy presented two posters, one co-authored with Emma Uprichard on a Complex systems approach to food security and the other co-authored with Rob Lilllywhite on Food security in Senegal.