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Warwick Food Group

Researcher Department Interests/expertise
Sam Adelman Law Food sovereignty, food security, climate change and sustainable development
Jose-Ricardo Aguilar-Gonzalez History History of food in colonial Latin America and globalisation of food trends
Charlotte Allender Warwick Crop Centre, Life Sciences Crop genetics and Gene bank (conserving stocks of seed varieties includes wild relatives).
Martine Barons Statistics Coherent inference over a network of probabilistic systems for decision support with applications to food security. Director of the Applied Statistics & Risk Unit (AS&RU)
Stefan Bon Chemistry Colloid science for food and crops
Chris Campbell Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies 'Commodity Frontiers, Food Regimes, and Cultural Forms'
Joel Cardinal Estates Head of Energy and Sustainability
Nora Castle

English and Comparative Literary Studies

The future of food as registered in speculative fiction, particularly in works concerned with environmental crisis (PhD student)

Alan Chalmers WMG

Virtual flavour: Authentically simulating flavour experiences in virtual reality

Dave Chandler Life Sciences Microbiologist/entomologist, policy, sustainable farming practices, bee health, biological pest control
Nickie Charles Sociology Gender divisions, social change and family, household and kin relationships
Rosemary Collier Warwick Crop Centre, Life Sciences Entomologist, pest control, organic production systems, low input agriculture
Rebecca Earle School of Comparative American Studies Cultural significance of food and eating and exploring the impact of new world foods on early modern European mentalities and political culture
Fiona Farnsworth English and Comparative Literary Studies Food in African migrant literature
Bill Finch-Savage Life Sciences Seed quality, germination and emergence, molecular basis of dormancy, modelling germination and establishment
Simon French Statistics Risk analysis, management and communication: food scares and incidents
Janet Godsell Warwick Manufacturing Group Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy with research focus on the way that product, marketing and supply chain strategy align to create a responsive or demand-driven approach to supply chain management.
Wyn Grant Politics and International Studies Food security, biopesticides, Common Agricultural Policy and agricultural trade
Jose Gutierrez-Marcos Life Sciences Plant reproduction, Functional Genomics and Epigenomics, Enhance resilience to environmental stress, Novel technologies to improve plant breeding
Susan Haedicke Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies Associate Professor in the school of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies
James Harrison Law Human rights approaches to trade law
Eric Holub Life Sciences

Translational genetics of vegetables and pulses to support resilient food systems

Julie Hudson English and Comparative Literary Studies Her main research interest is the environment on stage, and her working title: The Environment on Stage: Scenery or Cultural Shapeshifter?
Steve Jackson Life Sciences Plant physiology, GM, plant breeding and model to crop plants
Eileen John Philosophy Meaning and artistic value in food and meals

Alex Jones

Life Sciences

Brassica crops, degradation of bioplastics, and plant nutrition.

Beat Kumin History

Early modern food & drink cultures (c.1400-1800), particularly in the German lands

Rob Lillywhite Warwick Crop Centre, Life Sciences Quantifying resource use in food production using footprinting and life cycle assessment techniques
Debbi Marais Medical School The right to food and infant and young child feeding

Chris Maughan

IAS Urban Food Systems

Richard Napier

Life Sciences Plant signals, hormones, development of herbicides, herbicide resistance, biosensors

Michael Niblett

Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies 'Commodity Frontiers, Food Regimes, and Cultural Forms'
Akunna Oledinma

Warwick Manufacturing Group

Food Supply Chain

Oyinlola Oyebode

Medical School

Healthy and sustainable diets in the UK and globally

Roberto Pancrazi Economics

Economics of food deserts: Where and when do food deserts exist and what are the implications for economic outcomes and policy?

Jonathan Pearson Engineering Water in coastal regions, how waves affect pollution
Kelly Reed Life Sciences

Archaeobotany and in particular farming practices and land use in southeast Europe from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages

Ben Richardson Politics and International Studies International trade, rural development, biofuels and sugar
Virginia Sharpe Foundation Studies (Economics) Government policy and regulations relating to food production, consumption and climate change
Fiona Smith Law International Economic Law; food security; International Agricultural Trade; WTO Law and Policy; Investment Arbitration; the right to food
Jim Smith Statistics Foundational, methodological and applied Bayesian statistics and decision theory - often in high dimensions.
Brian Thomas Life Sciences Crop Development
Nese Ceren Tosun IATL/Theatre Studies Food enabled pedagogies, dwelling and homemaking via food. Teaches the module 'Food: The medium is the message'
Sarah Trinder Life Sciences, Warwick Crop Centre UK Vegetable Genebank, crop genetics, plant genetic resources
Thijs van Rens Economics Economics of food deserts: Where and when do food deserts exist and what are the implications for economic outcomes and policy?
Marija Vukotic Economics Economic implications of food Insecurity and food deserts.
John Walsh Life Sciences Plant - virus interactions, particularly Turnip mosaic virus - Brassica and Arabidopsis interactions
Elizabeth Wellington Life Sciences Epidemiology of infections in livestock
Tim White Theatre Studies Teaches module on food and performance. Current research interests include the theatricality of dining