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Eating well: experience and value in meals

At this interdisciplinary workshop on 27th March 2015, researchers and practitioners shared diverse expertise relevant to what is at stake when people gather to eat. A tremendously rich set of factors converge in meals, affecting the meaning, pleasures and healthiness of daily life, the transmission and vitality of cultures, and the sustainability and fairness of large-scale food policies and practices. This workshop aimed to integrate our understanding of these factors, with the hope of developing ideas for a ‘future of meals’ that is well-informed, is ethical and makes the most of meals’ experiential, creative and cultural potential. It was organised by Eileen John and Alisa Mandrigin (Warwick, Philosophy), and Tereza Stehlíková (Royal College of Art/Westminster). This event was made possible through the generous support of the British Society of Aesthetics, the AHRC Re-Thinking the Senses Project, and the Warwick Food GRP Community.

Click here for a summary report on the workshop.


Dr Rosemary Collier (Director, Warwick Crop Centre) – What does 'sustainable agriculture' look like?

Dr Carol Bryce (Warwick Sociology PhD) - The family meal as ideal: negotiating good motherhood through food, with a focus on feeding pre-school children

Dr Moya Kneafsey (Human Geography, Coventry University) – Carrots again? ... the possibilities of meal-making from local food systems

Dr Zeina Ghandour (Law, Birkbeck; SOAS Food Studies Associate) – 'We stuff everything': in the gut of anti-colonial resistance

Dr Tim White (Theatre Studies, Warwick) – 'Sniffin' glue': food and social cohesion

Dr Helena Tuomainen (Warwick Medical School) – The comfort of familiar meal formats in the context of change: Ghanaian food habits in London

Charles Michel (Chef-in-residence, Crossmodal Research Laboratory, Oxford) – Towards an art and science of eating: a latent food renaissance?

Tereza Stehlíková (Royal College of Art/Westminster) – A journey of unsettling perception: film, food and embodiment

Professor Rebecca Earle (History, Warwick) – Diet and identity

Dr Kate Rawles (Food Ethics Council/University of Cumbria) – A good meal? Ethics, food and farming

Roundtable discussion - with speakers joined by Professor Liz Dowler (Sociology, Warwick) and Dr Aaron Meskin (Philosophy, Leeds)

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