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What can our GRP offer to Students?

In our series of blogs, experts from across the University of Warwick reflect on the ways in which Covid-19 has questioned traditional thinking around productivity, innovation, well-being and the nature of work itself.
'Creativity at work: business as usual?'

Dr Chris Bilton

Can we work digitally and still have spontaneous encounters that inspire new ideas?

Dr Chris Bilton explores the limits of digital culture and how we can make space for chance encounters and keep creativity alive.

'Do the self-employed have a future in the UK?'
Professor Chris Warhurst

How has covid-19 affected the self-employed and are the government's measures enough to help those who are self employed?

'System level leadership fit for the future: Lessons from Covid-19'
Professor Graeme Currie

In our latest blog Professor Graeme Currie looks at what we have learnt from Covid-19 in responding to a crisis and how this learning and recovery is essential in knowing how to deal with a second wave and future pandemics.

'Out of Office:Supporting staff wellbeing when the home becomes the workplace'
Dr Mark Elliott

How do we define wellbeing? Dr Mark Elliott explores the ways in which working from home has had positive and negative affects on our wellbeing.

'The shape of things to come?'
Professor Chris Warhurst

Professor Chris Warhurst examines what the current landscape of employment looks like and what the UK government could do to reboot its industrial strategy.

'Pivoting for success: Building more resilient UK manufacturing supply chains'
Professor Jan Godsell

Professor Jan Godsell discusses how UK manufacturing supply chains can pivot and build capability for the future.

'A new definition of "essential work"- from hedge funds to logistics'
Professor Nigel Driffield

Professor Nigel Driffield considers how we have come to perceive essential work, and the services we really need to survive in a covid-19 era.

'Covid-19 and the implications for future innovation'
Professor Stephen Roper

Professor Stephen Roper examines industry collaboration, research and development and the importance of innovation during a time of Covid-19 and beyond.

'Productivity in a time of Coronavirus: Lessons from an artist'

Dr Chris Bilton

Dr Chris Bilton explores what it means to be productive as an artist and how this could help us all in a time of Coronavirus.