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For Students

Join our community....because it's not just academics that get involved in our research, our students do too.

We love working with students and learning more about what it is that you do - we believe that collaboration and teamwork makes us all stronger.

We offer postgraduate dissertation supervision on projects that cross-link across the GRP's faculties. We also have dedicated Reading Groups and Events that are all set up with the aim of supporting your academic journeys and enhancing your studies.

We encourage collaboration and we are open to new ideas, feedback, and opinions. We are an interdisciplinary GRP and we draw upon the knowledge of many differing fields - all of which help us to explore four main themes. Visit our themes page and contact us directly if you would like to contribute anything towards our research, or would like to make a general enquiry as to how you can contribute.

We now have a PGR Network Team who are currently working on an array of projects that may interest you. To learn more, or to join the network, please visit our Postgraduate Network Page.  

To learn more about our GRP Events, please see below. You may also wish to Register with us, or join our mailing list to receive notifications of all upcoming events. We look forward to meeting you.

Find out about the many different funding opportunities that are available for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students at the University. Our GRP will support students in any way that we can - get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help.

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Undergraduate Research Support Scheme

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