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Timetable for the Day

The schedule below provides an overview of what will happen on the day.

Activity on the day 11.00 ceremony 15.00 ceremony

Park & Ride bus timetable

Operates 08.00 (from Stoneleigh Park) to 18.30 Thurs 18 and 19.15 Wed 17 and Fri 19 (from campus)
Last bus from Park & Ride * 09.30 13.30

Graduand to collect Graduand and Guest tickets from the 1st Floor, Rootes Building (Graduands ONLY - if you want to enquire about the possibility of spare guest tickets, please enquire here when collecting your pre-allocated tickets)

08.30 - 10.00 11.30 - 14.00
Graduand to collect robe from the 1st Floor, Rootes Building 08.30 - 10.00 11.30 - 14.00
Take children to the kids club/crèche (if pre-booked)


Guests take their seats in the Butterworth Hall 09.30 - 10.30 13.30 - 14.30
Graduands to be seated (note: we would advise you not to leave the hall after you have entered) 09.45 - 10.15 13.45 - 14.15
Final chance to take a seat - doors will close promptly (if you are not seated by the time stated, you will NOT be permitted entrance to the Hall after this time and will therefore NOT be graduating in this ceremony, your name will be crossed off the list and you will NOT be permitted to take part in your ceremony). 10.15 14.15
Ceremony scheduled to end (approx) 12.30 16.30
Have photograph taken on 1st Floor, Rootes Building

Opens: 8.30

Closes: 18.30

Purchase any other souvenirs anytime


Join the Warwick Alumni anytime anytime
Collect children from the kids club/crèche 13.00 (latest)

17.00 (latest)

Return robe to 1st Floor, Rootes Building

18.15 (latest) - Thurs 18

19.15 (latest) - Wed 17 and Fri 19

18.15 (latest) - Thurs 18

19.15 (latest) - Wed 17 and Fri 19

Last bus to Park & Ride

18.30 - Thurs 18

19.15 - Wed 17 and Fri 19

18.30 - Thurs 18

19.15 - Wed 17 and Fri 19

* the last bus indicated is to guarantee arrival on campus with sufficient time. The Service continues throughout the day.


Please remember!

  • Guests and graduands enter Butterworth Hall via different doors; please make sure you each have the correct ticket before you separate from your guests. Guests should enter the Hall from the ground floor doors. Graduands should enter the Hall through the doors on the first floor balcony.
  • If you are a wheelchair user or require any assistance please ask a member of our graduation staff at the Information Point situated at the Box Office or ask one of our stewards who will be happy to assist you.
  • Please switch off your mobile phone when entering the Hall.
  • Doors will close promptly at 10.15am for the 11.00am ceremony, and at 2.15pm for the 3.00pm ceremony. We regret that we cannot accommodate you if you arrive after doors close and consequently you will not be able to join your ceremony. Your qualification will then be awarded in your absence.
  • Graduands must sit in the seat they are allocated as names and certificates are called in that order (the seat number which will be printed on your graduand ticket will correspond to the seat number in the Hall, - YOU MUST SIT AND REMAIN IN THIS SEAT). If you are not sitting in your correct seat when doors close, you may be marked as 'absent' when the seating team are conducting their seat checks. Consequently, your name will be removed from the list to be read out and you will not be permitted to take part in your ceremony.