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Receiving your Certificate

Find out more about receiving your degree certificate when you graduate

The FAQs below are our standard FAQs. Please note that there will be some differences for the class of 2020, where due to COVID-19, arrangements have been made for graduands to graduate in absentia, in addition to having the opportunity to attend a future degree ceremony. Please see our Coronavirus Updates for the most up to date information this year.

If you are attending a ceremony...

Your certificate will be presented to you on stage by the Certificate Issuer after your name has been read out by the Presenter and you have been congratulated by the Presiding Officer.

The July 2020 ceremonies have been postponed. All graduands will graduate in absentia with certificates sent in the post. Graduates will have the opportunity to attend a future ceremony, at which certificates will not be issued. For further information, please see our Coronavirus Updates.

No, your certificate will be issued at the time of your chosen ceremony. It cannot be issued before this time.

If you are graduating in absentia...

Your certificate can either be posted to a specified address or you can collect it in person from the Student Services in Senate House on central campus. You can select your preferred option as part of the online registration process.

Your certificate will be posted within 6 weeks of the ceremonies (providing you have given your certificate postal address on the online form). Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery.

If your certificate is being posted to to a UK address, then it will be sent by second class mail, and if to an overseas address, it will be sent by airmail.

If you have requested your certificate to be posted by courier, and if payment of £20.00 (for UK addresses) or £40.00 (for overseas addresses) is received, we will post your certificate 2-3 weeks after the ceremonies.

As an exception to the above, if you are a student at Warwick Manufacturing Group, and have registered through the IGDS route at one of the overseas centres, with outstanding debt, your certificate will be posted to the overseas centre office for onward distribution.

Collection dates will be published on this page. Please ensure that you visit Senate House during Student Services opening hours.

Please note that certificates CANNOT be collected before the ceremonies have taken place

July 2020 graduates living on campus, who opt to collect their certificate from Student Services, will be notified by email when their certificate is available for collection. For further information, please see our Coronavirus Updates.

Yes, you can arrange for someone else (including a friend, relative, or another student) to collect your certificate on your behalf. However, please note the number of certificates that any one person can collect is a maximum of 5 (five) certificates. Please check with the person to ensure that they will be able to collect your certificate. If they have already agreed to collect certificates for 5 other graduates, please check with another friend/colleague. Your friend/colleague must show their own proof of identification (eg passport) which Student Services Reception will need to see when they collect your certificate.

Details on Certificates

Your name on your degree certificate should match the name on your official record as held by the University. It is your responsibility to ensure the name on your record is your legal name i.e. the name which appears on your official documentation, as this is the name that will appear on your degree certificate and this cannot be changed after Graduation. If you have any further queries please contact us.

The date on your certificate will not be your graduation date, but is the date that your award is approved by Steering Committee. We will not be able to confirm the date which will be on your certificate in advance as we cannot confirm when your award (or if an award) will be approved for you and we do not know the dates of departmental Examination Board Meetings. Your department may be able to confirm to you the date of your Examination Board which can give you an idea of when your award will go to the Steering Committee to be approved.

Please note that even if you defer your attendance to a future ceremony, the date on your certificate would not change as it will always be the date you were awarded.