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Honorary Graduands

The University awards honorary degrees to individuals of high intellectual or cultural distinction or those who have served the University or the community. These are typically awarded during the University's degree congregations held in January and July each year.

The Chancellor's Medal is also awarded at graduation ceremonies and is an honour given to exceptional people who have played a major role in serving Warwick and making it and maintaining it as a pre-eminent centre of academic excellence.

As provided for under University Ordinance 9 and Regulation 20, the honorary degrees of Doctor of Laws (LLD), Doctor of Letters (DLitt) and Doctor of Science (DSc) shall be conferred upon persons of high intellectual or cultural distinction. The honorary degrees of Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MSc) shall be conferred upon persons who have served the University or the community and for whom the award of such a degree would be a proper form of recognition by the University.

The orations for Honorary Graduates of the University are accessible via the ceremony-specific links below. In addition, a full list of all previous Honorary Graduates and Chancellor's Medallists is published here.

Honorary Graduates and Chancellor's Medallists:

Winter 2024 (January): Biographies, Orations and Photos

Summer 2023 (July): Biographies, Orations and Photos

Winter 2023 (January): Biographies, Orations and Photos

Summer 2022 (July): Biographies, Orations and Photos

To note that no ceremonies were held for July 2020, January 2021, July 2021 and January 2022 due to the Covid Pandemic.

Summer 2019 (July): Orations and Biographies

Winter 2019 (January): Orations and Biographies

Summer 2018 (July): Orations and Biographies

Winter 2018 (January): Orations and Biographies

Summer 2017 (July): Orations and Biographies

Winter 2017 (January): Orations and Biographies

Summer 2016 (July): Orations and Biographies

March 2016 Special ceremony for Oliver Stone

Winter 2016 Orations (January); Biographies

November 2015 Special ceremony for Chair Janet Yellen

Summer 2015 Orations (July); Biographies

Winter 2015 Orations (January); Biographies 

Summer 2014 Orations (July); Biographies 

Winter 2014 Orations (January); Biographies

Summer 2013 Orations (July); Biographies

Winter 2013 Orations (January); Biographies

Summer 2012 Orations (July); Biographies

Winter 2012 Orations (17, 18 & 19 January)

Summer 2011 Orations (18 to 22 July)

Winter 2011 Orations (19 & 20 January)

Summer 2010 Orations (19 to 23 July)

Winter 2010 Orations (20 & 21 January)