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Festival of Careers

Festival of Careers

Welcome to the Spring Festival of Careers

The Spring Festival builds on the success of our Autumn term Festival and explores the themes of skills development and gaining work experience to ensure innovative and engaging new ways to connect with our students here at Warwick again this term. We are very excited to present the Spring Festival of Careers!

Following the same guiding principles and high standards that you will expect from Warwick, the Spring Festival will offer you the opportunity to raise your profile to the highest level with our students and graduates and support them as they explore their options, develop their skills and navigate recruitment.

Join us and get involved

  1. A joined up programme of events spanning areas of interest from the Arts to Finance and Engineering, - offering you the opportunity to connect with our students, showcase opportunities, host skills development sessions and webinars and raise your profile to our students at the highest level.
  2. Provide access across a wide range of student interests with stage areas and events focusing on the Creative sector, Not-for-profit, Law, STEM, Finance, Law, Education and the Public sector amongst others
  3. Deliver events for students in wider areas including Careers in International Development, Anyone can Code, Social Media and Blogging, Careers in Law and Social Justice and Careers in Writing and broader Creative industries.
  4. Take a diverse and inclusive approach to attract students from all disciplines and year groups, to ensure your campaign will reach a wide pool of student talent. Opportunities to engage within our Diversity and Inclusion series are available
  5. Support students in relation to skills development including confidence in engaging with employers virtually, recruitment and applications, virtual assessment centres and interviews as well as focusing on the wider skills of self reflection , understanding their strengths and how to articulate their experience
  6. Deliver a cost effective, affordable and accessible programme to ensure your organisation can create a profile and legacy with our students that will continue to resonate once the festival is over