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Alumni @The Festival

We warmly welcome all of our Warwick alumni back to join the Festival

You may be looking for a way to give something back to Warwick and support current students as they explore their career choices, or to support your employer as they seek to raise their profile here at Warwick. You may be a recent graduate keen to explore your own career path and access ongoing careers support directly.

Whatever the reason there are many ways that you can make an impact and we welcome your involvement. Students place great value on the support you give and hearing directly from the alumni community can make a significant impression on our students as they carve out their own career journey.

If you would like to get involved please email employerconnect at warwick dot ac dot uk

Careers stories

Write or record a careers story to reflect on your own career journey and give students an insight into the sector and job role that you undertake.

Students highly value the insight of Warwick alumni when exploring the opportunities available within a particular sector, as it helps them to piece together impressions of how various options may feel in reality.

We would warmly welcome all contributions.

Get involved in our events

As part of the Festival of Careers we are delivering a range of virtual speaker events focusing on specific sectors. These events will offer personal insight into sectors and give students a better and more personal insight into what a career in these areas will look and feel like in reality.

Alumni feature heavily within these events and speakers have often attended similar events at Warwick as students and so understand the importance of hearing first hand what a career in these areas actually looks like. Please see the Stage areas for more information on events being delivered at the Festival this term.