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Festival Advertising and Promotion

We appreciate that some graduate recruiters may once again have a virtual campaign offer and your needs may differ in terms of engagement with us here at Warwick.

We understand that it will remain critical to the success of your campaign that you are able to advertise and promote your activities effectively to our students here at Warwick.

We have created a range of advertising options available to you to ensure you are able to raise your profile and engage effectively with our students and become a visible part of our Festival offer.

Talking Heads Short Films

Placing people at the heart of our Festival is of great importance to us this year and we would love you to take part!

Virtual engagement can make it all the more difficult to share the faces of your organisation, for students to gain a sense of your working culture and the values you hold and for students to relate to events and engage fully in the experience offered.

We are seeking to include short films from employers and alumni in each area of the Festival to help explain the activities, skills, sector and resources available and why they are important to you as an employer.

Put a face to your organisation and get involved - contact us for more information. There is no charge to take part.

Festival Directory

Ensure your organisation is listed within the Festival directory and that students are able to access your employer profile and gain a full understanding of your business and everything you have to offer.

Pack your profile with all of the key information about your organisation, schemes and opportunities available, event listings and your involvement within the Festival as well as links to your website and social media platforms. Your company logo will be included in the listing and employers will feature in alphabetical order. Links to your vacancy and event listings within myAdvantage are also included to ensure maximum visibility and ease of access to our students.

All employers participating within the Festival will be encouraged to complete a profile whether you are engaging in our events or simply highlighting your own campaign. Festival profiles are not charged and are an excellent way of promoting your business.

Web Banners

Employers wishing to promote their organisation and recruitment campaign to the highest level, can do so through the use of our web banner advertising service. Web banners provide a visual prompt to students as well as a link to further information about your organisation and opportunities.

Banners will appear within myAdvantage and can be set to appear equally to all students, or targeted towards specific academic departments to ensure your messages are tailored to your needs.

Banners are offered either for a period of 4 weeks or per term running throughout the Academic year, with a maximum of 20 active banners on rotation to ensure each receives strong levels of traffic. A waiting list will operate where necessary.

Web banners are charged at £350+VAT for a 4 week period or £500+VAT for a term

You will need to supply an appropriate banner artwork with a width of 358 pixels and a height that is shorter than the width. The artwork must be in either jpeg or png format and less than 40kb in size.

For more information and booking details please log into myAdvantage