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PGR Scholarship New Starters

Many congratulations on having received an offer of a postgraduate scholarship at the University of Warwick!

The information on this webpage is for applicants who have already received a scholarship offer from the University of Warwick.

Visas & Immigration

All visa and immigration questions can only be answered by the Immigration Team.

English Language Requirements

  1. CAS Information: CAS letters are issued by PG Admissions. Any queries should be directed to the PG Visa Team.
  2. Formal Scholarship Letter: Where required, the Doctoral College will send a personalised link via email to new scholars three months prior to their start date, who will then be able to download a copy of the formal scholarship offer letter. The letter can be used to support visa applications or any other formal confirmation of your award.

Personal information included in the scholarship letter (i.e. address) will be pulled directly from your student account, please ensure you update your student account to ensure that the information listed is correct.

Please note: The Doctoral College expect to send formal scholarship letters for 30 September 2024 starters in the first week of June, letters will not be sent in advance of this date.


Welcome to Warwick

Please find below information about joining the PGR community at Warwick, including guidance on finding accommodation.

Funding Information

In order to receive your scholarship, you must meet all the conditions of your offer, fully enrol on your course of study and provide valid bank details.

Copies of Terms and Conditions

When you accept a scholarship offer, you are also accepting that scholarship's Terms and Conditions. Below are copies of different scheme's Terms and Conditions. Please note that these are for reference only, and are only relevant to those who have been offered and have accepted a scholarship offer.

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