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Echo360 Automated Transcripts and Closed Captions

Important notes on the automated transcription service ASR.

  • The University is subject to regulatory requirements to provide accessible video and audio content. For more information on these requirements, please visit the Creating accessible video and audio content guide.
  • All new materials uploaded to Echo360 via Lecture Capture or Universal Capture will have a transcript generated automatically by the ASR system.
  • The time it takes a transcript to generate will depend on the length of the video and current load on the ASR system. Minimum processing time 30 mins.
  • Automatic transcripts are not 100% accurate especially when dealing with specialist topics.
  • Transcripts are not captions. A transcript can be enabled as Closed Captions on your video content.

Generating Transcripts

From 18th August 2020 all video and audio uploaded to the Echo360 system directly, via in-classroom automated Lecture Capture and Universal Capture will automatically have a transcript generated.

Video and audio uploaded before 18th August 2020 will not have a transcript automatically generated. Only videos to be used with students in the 20/21 academic year can be transcribed.

To upload video directly to Echo360, follow the Upload external media to Echo360 guide.

Review and Edit a Transcript

Where it has not been possible to review the accuracy of transcripts, ensure students know that transcripts have not been human-edited and clearly indicate who they should contact if they have any queries about transcript content.

Automatically generated transcripts are not 100% accurate. The accuracy of transcription will be impacted by several factors including, but not limited to, quality of audio, background noise, intonation, accent and use of technical or specialist language.

  1. Access the list of videos associated with your course via the Echo360 block on the course Moodle page or via the Echo360 home page.
  2. Click the green button next to the video and click Edit transcript.
  3. Review the transcript, click Edit transcript in the top-right of the page to begin editing the transcript.
  4. Click Save as new version once the transcript has been reviewed and changes made.

While editing the transcript, a slider will display at the top of the panel. This can be adjusted to mark words that fall below the percentage of confidence with a double red underline. This helps to identify inaccuracies in the transcript.

Enabling Closed Captions

Once the transcript is available, it can be used as Closed Captions on the video.

  1. In the transcript editor, click Apply to CC.

Downloading a Transcript

Once the transcript is available, the file can be downloaded.

  1. Access the list of videos associated with your course via the Echo360 block on the course Moodle page or via the Echo360 home page
  2. Click the green button next to the required video and click details.
  3. Click edit transcript found below the video.
  4. Click Export to download at a .VTT or .TXT file
The information on this page relates to Echo360 and was last updated August 2020.


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