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'The Railway Clerk', 1904-1918

The National Association of General Railway Clerks was formed in 1897 and renamed the Railway Clerks' Association (RCA) two years later. By 1904 the RCA comprised over four thousand members out of a potential total of 60,000 railway clerical members. In 1951 the union changed its name to the Transport Salaried Staffs' Association.

The RCA's journal 'The Railway Clerk' was first published in 1904 and replaced the 'Railway Herald', a publication which had reported on the General Railway Workers' Union, the Railway Clerks' Association and the United Pointsmen and Signalmen's Society.

The Modern Records Centre has an extensive but incomplete collection of 'The Railway Clerk' and successive periodicals between 1904- 2016. The volumes dating between 1904 and 1908-1918 have been digitised and are available through our online catalogue (we currently don't hold editions for 1905-1907):

'The Railway Clerk', vol.1, nos.1-12, 1904

'The Railway Clerk', vol.5, nos.49-60, 1908

'The Railway Clerk', vol.6, nos.61-72, 1909

'The Railway Clerk', vol.7, nos.73-84, 1910

'The Railway Clerk', vol.8, nos.85-96, 1911

'The Railway Clerk', vol.9, nos.97-108, 1912

'The Railway Clerk', vol.10, nos.109-120, 1913

'The Railway Clerk', vol.11, nos.121-132, 1914

'The Railway Clerk', vol.12, nos.133-144, 1915

'The Railway Clerk', vol.13, nos.145-156, 1916

'The Railway Clerk', vol.14, nos.157-168, 1917

'The Railway Clerk', vol.15, nos.169-180, 1918