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BSA Graduate Course in Greek Numismatics

Please find below resources relevant to the 2023 BSA Graduate course in Greek numismatics.

Finalised programme as of 20 March 2023.

Numismatic Orientation ppt.

Money before coinage ppt

Why strike coinage? ppt

Beginnings of coinage in Asia Minor ppt

Online numismatic resources

Athenian coinage ppt

Metrology ppt

Small change ppt

Die studies ppt

Drymos site scans. Drymos 1 Greek. Drymos 2 site. Souriza.

Signing artist coinage of Sicily ppt

Persian coinage. ppt.

Site finds bibliography pdf. ppt.

Coinage of mainland Greece ppt.

Southern Italy and Sicily ppt

Thrace and Macedonia. Bibliography for the Macedonian Kingdom. Thrace bibliography. ppt 1. handout. ppt 2 ppt 3 ppt 4

Aegina and Corinth. ppt.

Overstrikes and countermarks ppt

Metal analysis. ppt.

Hellenistic coinage ppt.

Ptolemaic coinage ppt

Hoards. ppt. IGCH exercise. Hesperia article.

Greek coinage and Rome. ppt.

Roman provincial coinage ppt.

Greek coinage in perspective. ppt.

Phanes die study.

Laurium Trip

Schedule for the trip

Departure at 08:30,
arrival at 10 o'clock at Thorikos (theatre)
at 11 o'clock (museum of Lavrion)
12 o'clock : Souriza where the ores were washed.
At 1 o'clock (approx.) lunch in 'Petrino' in Lavrio
In the Afternoon: Sounion
At 4 o'oclock or a little later: Atene (modern Charakas)
After that: return to Athens.
Estimated arrival: 6 or 6:30.
Relevant Readings for the Laurium Trip

Atene review by Osborne

Fortified military camps (chapters on the coin finds in Koroni, Patroklos and Atene)

Kakoyavannis workshops

Lead silver Laurion

Mining Money Late Archaic Athens

The Thorikos archaeological research project

Relevant readings for the Athenian Agora

The Athenian Agora: A Short Guide

An Ancient Shopping Centre Picture Guide Book

Life Death and Litigation in the Athenian Agora

Greek and Roman Coins in the Athenian Agora

Athenian citizen picture guide