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Promotion Profile document

A. Family Way Module Documentation

  1. Filmed interview with students (C)
  2. Teaching observation report (Word Document)
  3. Student presentations Prezi: (D)
  4. Examples of wiki and glossary used in teaching (E):
    • Family Way wiki screenshots bibliography building (Word Document) 
    • Family Way wiki screenshots Symposium task (Word Document) 
  5. Family Way glossary
  6. Mindmaps used in Family Way (F):
    • Mindmap produced during group seminar work on ipad (Word Document)
    • Mindmap used in teaching and assessment (laptops brought to class) (Word Document)

B. Collaboration with Library and Information Services

  1. WIT teaching excellence area (J):
  2. Teaching and Learning Showcase 2013 (K):
  3. Student as researcher : interview with Cate Mackay, project officer:
  4. Report from Ant Brewerton (Head of Academic Services) (Word Document)

C. Year Abroad Distance Learning and Use Of VLE platforms

  1. Collaboration with Language Centre in IATL Languages at Warwick continuation project: report(Word Document)
  2. Examples of productive peer learning in Moodle collaboration areas (Word Document)
  3. Examples of feedback to student essays (Word Document)
  4. Sample student dossiers in Mahara (Word Document)
  5. New Sitebuilder dossier area built from best practice models above :
  6. Essay title construction workshop for outgoing students:
  7. Sample resources and fact files created by students for their peers (Word Document)
  8. Report from David Lees (post-graduate colleague co-working on the site) (Word Document)
  9. Student as Producer IATL Widening Participation Project (Word Document)
  10. Returning students interactive workshop: call for participants (Word Document) 

D. Research and Development

  1. Report for Enquiry-Based Learning Conference, Manchester University, 2008 (Word Document)
  2. Paper submitted for publication in Residence Abroad, Social Networks and Second Language Learning (provisional title) to be published in the Eurosla Monographs series (R) (Word Document)
  3. Book review: Birthing Bodies in Early Modern France by Kirk Read, for Modern Language Review, 2011 (Word Document)
  4. Correspondance: HE Year Abroad VLE use working party (Word Document)
  5. Proposal for e-learning symposium workshop January 2014 (Word Document)

E. Teaching qualifications and awards

  1. EAPP postgraduate elearning module report, 2010 (Word Document)
  2. WATE finalist supporting statement (Word Document)

F. Student Pastoral Resources

  1. Online Student Mentor Scheme website:
  2. Sample online training for mentor scheme:

G. Staff and student development

  1. Evidence of Work with postgraduate students (Word Document)
  2. Teaching Away Day presentations
      • 2010 (Powerpoint Presentation)
      • 2013 (Powerpoint Presentation)

H. Language learning using moodle VLE

  1. Student-generated resource from task-based exercise (Word Document)
  2. Feedback on student work recorded using screencast: