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Module information

(Word Document) Module booklet 2016-17 post A-level German;

(Word Document) Module Booklet 2016-17 Ab Initio German

Lecture handouts


Term 1

Week 1 (Word Document) Lecture Handout Restoration, (Powerpoint Presentation) Restoration ppt, (Word Document) Reading film intro

Week 2 (Word Document) Lecture Handout Gruppe 47, (Powerpoint Presentation) Gruppe 47 PP

Week 3 (PDF Document) opposition_to_rearmament.pdf, (Word Document) Workshop narrative POV handout

Week 4 Lecture Press ppt, Handout Press in Germany, Library presentation ppt

Week 5 Lecture Handout Documentary Drama, Documentary Drama ppt, Essay Writing Workshop 1

Week 7 Lecture Jews in Germany, Referencing Workshop ppt;

Week 8 Lecture Handout Cinema and Vergangenheitsbewältigung, Cinema and Vergangenheitsbewältigung ppt

Week 9 Vergangenheitsbewältigung I ppt

Week 10 Vergangenheitsbewältigung II ppt


Term 2

Week 1 Lecture handout Student Movenment

Week 2 Lecture ppt RAF

Week 3 Lecture Film Adaptation ppt

Week 4 Feminism Workshop, Workshop handout Elfriede Jelinek (for workshop in week 5)

Week 5 Lecture Handout Women's Movement,Lecture Women's Movement ppt,

Week 7 Multicultural Germany 1 ppt

Week 8 Multicultural Germany 2 doc

Week 9 Multicultural Germany 3 ppt

Week 10 GDR I

Term 3

Week 1 GDR II

Week 2 Exam Preparation

Week 3 GDR Film

Workshop handouts

Workshop handouts will be posted here after the day on which the workshop takes place.

Handout workshop Literary Fiction I

Handout 'How to study effectively'

Essay Writing (Powerpoint Presentation) Powerpoint and Referencing (Word Document) Handout

(Powerpoint Presentation) Library research PP 2014

Referencing and Biblographies: PPT presentation; Handout

Irony & genre workshop: Powerpoint; Irony worksheet Handout 1; Handout 2

Essay Writing II Powerpoint