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CS405 - Introduction to Empirical Modelling 2008/9


Term 2, weeks 11-20:

  • Lecture: Monday 2pm in CS104
  • Lecture: Tuesday 3pm in CS101
  • Lab Session: Friday 10am in CS101/CS001 (the IBM lab)

Remember the module forum: note postings re Friday 13/02 and Friday 20/02 sessions

Previous material 2005-6, 2006-7 and 2007-8 is available for those interested. The current CS405 page is here.

See also:
The First Warwick Electronic Bulletin on EM
The Second Warwick Electronic Bulletin on EM
The Third Warwick Electronic Bulletin on EM

Download the tkeden tool


Details of the 2008/9 assignment are now available. (See the tabs on the left-hand panel of the assignment webpage for details of the initial and final submission procedures.)


The coursework and the examination contribute 50% to the final mark for the module. The format of the CS405 exam for 2009 will be unchanged: Question 1 is a compulsory question, and you must answer two questions out of the other four. You will have 3 hours in which to answer the paper. This year's paper will be marked out of 50 (question 1 will carry 20 marks, and questions 2, 3, 4 and 5 will carry 15 marks). Here are some notes to assist your revision for the CS405 examination. You may also find it helpful to consult the sample 'good' answer to a previous "Question 1" included in the online notes for CS405 for 2006-7. In addition to the online references listed in the Additional Resources link in Lecture 22 below, you can also access other papers mentioned in the module online: including Cantwell-Smith's Two Lessons of Logic and The Foundations of Computing, Harel's Biting the Silver Bullet and Ridley's Database Systems of Database Theory.

Online material


    • Lecture 6 - More about the EDEN interpreter (20th January)
    • Lecture 9 - Programming from an Empirical Modelling perspective (30th January)


    • Lab 1 - Modelling with definitive scripts preliminaries (9th January)
      (PDF document) Handout: Lab sheet 1 (pdf)
      LINKOnline model: roomYung1989

    For further practical guidance, please consult the resources cited in the online notes for Seminar 1 (given on February 13th).

    The recently added webpage on the Web EDEN interpreter may also be of interest as a site giving convenient access to EM models.