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What is Behavioural Science?

Behavioural science brings together many disciplines to study human behaviour, such as psychology, economics, and biology. Topics of interest include behavioural and experimental economics, cognitive science, judgement and decision making, and the application of economic methods to social phenomena not traditionally included within economics. We examine these topics using quantitative methods, such as experiments, dataset analyses, modelling, and simulations.


The Olympics: the Human Zoo looks at the psychology of sport

This week's episode of BBC Radio 4's hit psychology series sees Professor Nick Chater of WBS talking about the psychology and neuroscience of watching sports. UK readers can click to listen to the full episode on iplayer

Texting Keeps Dieters on Track

Professor Ivo Vlaev of the WBS Behavioural Science finds getting obese teens to commit to concrete diet goals by text message improves their chances of keeping the weight off.


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