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Big Data

Modern everyday life is threaded with countless interactions with massive technological systems that support our communication, our transport, our retail activities, and much more. Through these interactions, we are generating increasing volumes of 'big data', documenting our collective behaviour at an unprecedented scale. These data sources offer fast, cheap, large scale measurements of human behaviour in a natural setting.

The Behavioural Science GRP “big data" theme is led by Suzy Moat and Tobias Preis, who jointly direct the Data Science Lab embedded within the Behavioural Science Group at Warwick Business School. The theme involves researchers from a range of further Warwick departments, including Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics and Psychology. Researchers in this theme investigate how new “big data” sources, in particular data from online sources such as Google, Wikipedia, Flickr and Twitter, can be used to measure human behaviour and even anticipate what decisions people may make in the future. Work in this theme is designed to deliver both behavioural measurements and predictions of practical value to external commercial and governmental stakeholders, as well as empirical insights to support the construction of theories of human behaviour.

Tobias Preis Tobias Preis Warwick Business School
Tobias dot Preis at wbs dot ac dot uk
(024) 765 28422
Suzy Moat Suzy Moat Warwick Business School
Suzy dot Moat at wbs dot ac dot uk
(024) 765 73197

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