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Copy of Ceremony Live Streaming

Watch Graduation - LIVE

Graduation is a special day and we recognise that not all of your friends and family can attend in person so our graduation ceremonies are professionally filmed and broadcast live on this page, as well as via live link to the big screen on the Piazza.

All graduands/graduates, guests and staff involved in the ceremony should be aware that they may feature in this footage. By registering to take part in your graduation ceremony and by requesting guest tickets, you are giving permission for your image to be recorded.

The live stream will begin around 30 minutes before the start of each ceremony.

In addition, the footage is made available for download following the ceremonies and will be archived for future reference. See our Souvenirs and Gifts, Ceremony Footage and Photos,Link opens in a new window

page for the full ceremony footage, uploaded within 24 hours of your ceremony. You will also find highlights footage and photos from the day via this link.

Further Information

By default, the live stream will start muted. Please ensure you unmute to hear the audio.

If we are aware of any technical difficulties affecting the live streaming for multiple users we will update this page with further guidance.