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Lecture Capture-enabled spaces

This guide lists the rooms where it is possible to use Echo360 lecture capture, provides an example list of equipment you might find in rooms, and links to get more information and online room tours.

Which rooms have lecture capture?

Browse the list of lecture capture-enabled rooms using this filterable alphabetic list. Use ctrl-F or cmd-F to search for individual rooms.

Click on the room name to open the Audio Visual room information page. You can filter the rooms further by toggling the keywords. [You must be signed in to view this information]

What equipment is available in rooms?

For information about equipment and capacity in teaching rooms, along with a 360° tour and interactive image of the lectern equipment, use the links above, or visit the following pages and search for lecture capture enabled rooms.

Equipment list

This list covers some of the Audio-Visual provided equipment that you will find across the centrally timetabled rooms that are enabled for lecture capture. Please note that not all equipment is available in every room and you must check what individual rooms contain before booking lecture capture to be certain that your preferred options are available.

Audio Visual Services are responsible for the specification, installation and maintenance of all Audio Visual equipment in centrally timetabled rooms on campus. They also provide a range of technical services to support teaching, learning and the business needs of Warwick’s staff and students including installation of lecture capture equipment into some locally supported rooms in Departments.

If you find any problems with the audio-visual equipment in a centrally timetabled room please report the fault via the online Help Desk or call 024 765 (22463).
The information on this page relates to Echo360 and was last updated March 2021.


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