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Three steps to start capturing lectures

This guide will detail steps to getting started with in-classroom Echo360 lecture Capture, including available recording options and what to expect in a lecture capture enabled space.

For information on recording lectures from home, or outside Lecture Capture enabled spaces, see our guidance on Echo360 Universal Capture.

In this guide:

Three steps to capture in-classroom lectures

Follow the three steps to start recording in-classroom lectures with Echo360 Lecture Capture.

Step One - Submit your consent form

A schedule cannot be created unless a consent form has been submitted. You are only required to submit this form once.

Step Two - Schedule your recordings

Before requesting your recording schedule, check your teaching room is equipped with Lecture Capture. Find out more about Lecture Capture enabled spaces.

A recording can be requested for individual events or for the entire timetable of a module. You can specify what you would like to be recorded and whether the recordings are made available to students immediately after recording.

There are four recording options available to choose from.

Step Three - Deliver your session

Once you have booked a recording in a Lecture Capture enabled space, your session will automatically be recorded.

Recording begins 5 minutes before the scheduled start time and ends 5 minutes before the scheduled end time. Some rooms are equipped with indicator lights which show the status of a recording.

Ensure the lapel microphone is turned on and positioned close to your mouth on a collar or lapel.

Recording Options

There are four types of recording available to choose:

Presentation with audio commentary:

This option will record your presentation and voice. Everything shown on the lecture theatre projector is recorded, including the visualiser output. You'll need to use the radio mic provided. This is the most common type of recording.

The final lecture recording may look like this:

Screenshot of a presentation

Presentation with video of presenter and audio commentary:

This is similar to the Presentation with Audio Commentary option, but with an additional video of you as you present alongside the slides. This mode is only available if a camera has been installed in the room, to find out if the room as a

The final recording may look like this:

Presentation and capture of presenter

Chalk/White board presentations with audio commentary:

Available in some lecture theatres, using the wall-mounted camera at the back of the room we can record Chalk/Whiteboard lectures along with your commentary. You'll need to use the radio mic provided.

The final recording may look like this:

capture of lecturer writing on black board

Video presentation:

Available in some lecture theatres, using the wall-mounted camera at the back of the room, we can zoom into the presenter, an audio feed is taken from the radio mic provided.

The final recording may look like this:

Capture of panel discussion in lecture

Lecture Capture indicator lights

Lecture Capture Indicator Lights have been installed on the lecterns in all rooms in the Oculus Building, but will be available in other Lecture Capture enabled spaces soon. These lights signal the status of your current recording:

  • Amber - About to record: This light will glow amber 3 minutes before the recording is about to start.
  • Red - Recording: The light will turn red when you are recording.
  • Red/Amber - Error: If the light starts flashing red and amber, no audio has been detected. Please check your microphone is turned on.

explanation of lecture capture indicator lights

What to expect in the rooms

You can find information on what rooms support Echo360 here. Using the links on this page you can also find out information about the fittings in specific rooms, in some cases there will be images and a tour of the setup. You may want to familurise yourself with a rooms setup before you teach there. One of the most important aspects of your recording is the audio.

Using Wireless Microphones

To ensure you get the best audio quality when recording your lecture use the in-room wireless microphones installed on the lectern. There are two types of microphone and the video below details how to use both types. Here are a few of our top tips:

  • attach the microphone to the center of your chest on a collar or lapel,
  • avoid placing the microphone where it could be rubbed or knocked by your clothing, jewellery or hair,
  • perform a sound-check to ensure everything is working,
  • check that your students can hear you.

Pausing a recording

If you need to pause the recording, for example to remove a gap in the presentation or to have a private discussion, this can be done via the AV touch panel found on the lectern.

While a recording is active you can pause at any time by:

  1. Tap the flashing Rec button found on the top left of the touch panel, this will open the recording details.
  2. Tap Pause Capture button, found at the bottom of the recording details.
  3. To resume recording tap the Resume Capture button which will have replaced the Pause Capture option found in the recording details.
If you intend to use the pause function please remember to resume your recording if you commence teaching again.

If in doubt recordings can be edited after completion. Follow our Editing Echo 360 recordings guide.

If you have issues or need help whilst in a teaching space, contact AV services:

024765 22463

For more information on using Echo360 visit our additional Echo360 guidance via the contents panel, or see the Lecture Capture FAQ page.

The information on this page relates to Echo360 Lecture Capture and was last updated October 2020.


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