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Lecture Capture-enabled spaces

What equipment is available in a room with Lecture Capture?

Audio Visual Services are responsible for the specification, installation and maintenance of all Audio Visual equipment on campus. They also provide a range of technical services to support teaching, learning and the business needs of Warwick’s staff and students.

Information about the equipment installed in a room is available along with a 360° tour and interactive image of the lectern equipment. For information about equipment and capacity in teaching rooms please see the

If you find any problems with the audio visual equipment in a centrally timetabled room please report the fault via the online Help Desk or call 024 765 (22463).

What rooms have Lecture Capture?

Centrally timetabled rooms:

Building - Rooms (rooms in Bold have a fixed camera)

Arts Centre - Woods Scawen

Gibbet Hill - GLT1, GLT2, GLT3, GLT4, MD0.01

Humanities - H0.03, H0.51, H0.52, H0.58, H0.60, H1.48, H2.03, H3.44, H5.45

Junction - JX2.02

Library - Lib1, Lib2, Wolfson Research Exchange room 2, Teaching Grid, Experimental Teaching Space

Life Sciences - BSR1, BSR3, BSR5

Maths - MS.01, MS.02, MS.03, MS.04, MS.05, MS.B3.03

Mathematical Sciences - MB0.07, MB0.08

Ramphal - R0.03, R0.04, R0.12, R0.14, R0.21, R1.03, R1.04, R1.13, R1.15, R2.41, R3.41

Rootes - Chancellors 1, Chancellors 2, Chancellors 3, Panorama 1, Panorama 2, Panorama 3

Sciences - B2.01, B2.02, B2.03, B2.04/5, L3, L4, L5, PLT, PS1.28, P5.21

Social Sciences - A0.23, S0.08, S0.09, S0.10, S0.11, S0.13, S0.17, S0.18, S0.19, S0.20, S0.21, S0.28

The Oculus - OC0.01, OC0.02, OC0.03, OC0.04, OC0.05

- OC1.01, OC1.02, OC1.03, OC1.04, OC1.05, OC1.06,OC1.07, OC1.08, OC1.09

Westwood - WLT, WT0.01. WT0.02, WT0.03, WT0.04, WT0.05, WT0.06, WT1.01, WT1.02, WT1.03. WT1.05, WT1.06, WCE0.9A, WCE0.9B, WCE0.10

WMS - A0.30, A0.39, A0.41, A0.42, A1.50

Locally timetabled rooms:

Building - Rooms (rooms in Bold have a fixed camera)

Computer Science - CS1.04

Engineering - A2.05A, A2.05B, D2.02

Law - S0.03

Life Sciences - ICL

MAS - 2.06

Maths - MS.B3.02

Mathematical Sciences - MB0.01, MB0.02

MEC - 101, 102, 216, 217, 218, 219

NAIC - Lecture Room 1, Lecture Room 2, Lecture Room 3

WBS Scarman - 0.004, 0.006, 0.009, 0.011, 0.013, 0.301, 1.003, 1.005, 1.006, 1.007, 1.009, 1.015, 1.301, 2.003, 2.004, 2.005, 2.006, 2.007, 3.006

WBS Teaching Centre - M1, M2

WBS the Shard - Shard East, Shard South, Shard Lab, L13

WMG - IMC002

The information on this page relates to Echo360 and was last updated March 2020.


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