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The Department object

The department object returned by Tabula has the following properties:

code A unique department code. For sub departments this is typically prefixed with the code of the parent department
fullName The full name of the department
name The department's name as it should be presented to the user; will use the short name if it's set, otherwise the full name
shortName A recognisable short name for the department
modules A set of reduced module objects for modules directly linked to this department (i.e. it will not include modules linked to sub-departments). The only properties set for these objects are code and name.
routes A set of objects for routes directly linked to this department, with three properties: code, name and degreeType (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PGCE or In-Service)
parentDepartment A reduced department object only set on departments that are a sub-department, linking to the parent department. The only properties set for this object are code and name.
filter If a sub-department filters the membership of the parent department, this contains a representation of the rule, e.g. UG, PG, Y3, DepartmentRoutes et al.
subDepartments A set of department objects representing direct children of the department in the hierarchy.

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