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The Member object

The member object returned by Tabula has the following properties:

Property Required permission Description
universityId - The member's 7-digit University ID
userId Profiles.Read.Usercode The IT Services usercode for this member
firstName - The member's preferred first name
fullFirstName - This property has been deprecated since the Tabula 2018.10.3 release. The API now returns preferred first name for this property (as above)
lastName - The member's preferred last name
email - The member's official email address
userType - The user type of the member (Staff, Student, Emeritus Academic, Applicant or Other)
fullName - The member's preferred full name
officialName - This property has been deprecated since the Tabula 2018.10.3 release. The API now returns preferred full name for this property (as above)
homeEmail Profiles.Read.PrivateDetails The recorded "home" email address for the member
title - The member's title (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Miss etc)
preferredPronouns - The member's preferred pronouns (e.g. he/him, she/her, they/them)
inUseFlag - A flag significying whether the member's account is "in use" - this will start with Active or Inactive and may contain other information after that
jobTitle - The recorded job title (generally, staff only)
phoneNumber Permissions.Profiles.Read.TelephoneNumber for students, none for staff The recorded phone number (generally, staff only)
nationality Profiles.Read.PrivateDetails The recorded nationality
secondNationality Profiles.Read.PrivateDetails The students second nationality (only populated for dual nationals).
mobileNumber Profiles.Read.MobileNumber The recorded mobile phone number
groupName - A description of the "group" the member belongs to (e.g. Undergraduate - full time)
affiliatedDepartments - A set of departments the member is affiliated to - for staff, this is just their home department. For students, it includes past and present study departments, enrolment departments and departments for routes they are taking or have taken
touchedDepartments - A set of departments the member "touches" - this includes all affiliated departments, as well as the administration department for any module registration for students
homeDepartment - The "home" department for a user - generally, the department that manages their enrolment currently
inactivationDate - The date the member ceases to be a member of the University (yyyy-MM-dd)
dateOfBirth Profiles.Read.PrivateDetails The member's date of birth (yyyy-MM-dd)
currentAddress (students only) Profiles.Read.HomeAndTermTimeAddresses An object for the current confirmed correspondence address of the member. Data is often entered by members themselves so formatting can't be guaranteed.
termtimeAddress (students only) Profiles.Read.HomeAndTermTimeAddresses An object for the term-time address of the member. Only shows well-formed hall of residence addresses.
nextOfKins (students only) Profiles.Read.NextOfKin A set of recorded next of kins for the member
disability (students only) Profiles.Read.Disability An object representing a disclosed disability for the member
tier4VisaRequirement (students only) Profiles.Read.Tier4VisaRequirement A boolean value, true if they require a tier 4 visa
studentCourseDetails (students only) Profiles.Read.StudentCourseDetails.Core A set of student course details objects

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