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Generate a Turnitin report URL

Generates a Turnitin report URL for an attachment that has an originality report generated.

Permission requirements

The user must have Permissions.Submission.ViewPlagiarismStatus ("View plagiarism status for a coursework submission") on the assignment. By default, roles that have this permission are:

  • Marker
  • Module Auditor
  • Module Assistant
  • Module Manager
  • Departmental Administrator
  • User Access Manager

Information about API permissions



The request Content-Type must be set to application/json

URL substitution variables

:moduleCode The lowercase form of the module code for module to create the assignment in, e.g. cs118
:assignmentId The unique identifier for the assignment
:attachmentId The unique identifier for the attachment

Request parameters

viewer Required The ITS usercode of the user viewing the report - this is used for generating an appropriate login to the Turnitin service

Example request

  "viewer": "cuscav"

Response parameters

An unsuccessful response will be returned in the standard format. A successful response will return the HTTP code 200 OK and the following parameters:

success Boolean true
status The string "ok"
reportUrl A short-lived URL for the specific viewer to view the report for the specified attachment

Example response

  "success": true,
  "status": "ok",
  "reportUrl": "⟨=en_us"

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