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Tabula API Authentication

All Tabula resources are protected by Web sign-on. This means that any script will need to pass an ITS user code and password to Tabula. You must ensure that if your scripts store passwords anywhere, they do so in a way which is secure. Failure to do so may result in your access to IT facilities being revoked. API requests should be made using an External User account that is setup specifically for API access, contact the ITS web team at webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk if you need help setting one up.

Any URL can be requested using HTTP Basic Auth over HTTPS. All the URLs quoted here use this style of authentication. You will, of course, need to ensure that your application sends the correctly encoded username and password in an authentication header along with the request, or you'll get an HTTP 401 response back. It's also possible to access the Tabula APIs using OAuth.

Both of these methods use the HTTP Authorization header. If you don't provide this header in your requests, or the header is invalid, you'll receive a HTTP 401 response in a standard error format.

HTTP Basic Auth

Requests to the API are most commonly made by HTTP Basic access authentication. Use the username and password for the external user account as you would if logging in to web sign-on.

Tabula API Methods