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Retrieve a job's status

Returns information about a job if a valid identifier was provided.

Permission requirements

There are no permission requirements to view metadata about jobs.

Information about API permissions



URL substitution variables

:jobId The unique identifier for the job

Example request


Response parameters

An unsuccessful response will be returned in the standard format. A successful response will return the HTTP code 200 OK and the following parameters:

success Boolean true
status The string "ok"
attachment A job instance object representing the job

Example response

  "success": true,
  "status": "ok",
  "job": {
    "finished": true,
    "data": {
      "assignment": "94647a17-0aec-496b-b552-4b9390e8da63"
    "jobType": "turnitin-submit-lti",
    "id": "523ce002-e63d-4205-9457-88c060daec09",
    "successful": true,
    "progress": 100,
    "status": "Generated a report.",
    "started": true,
    "updatedDate": "2015-11-10T16:10:42Z",
    "user": "in-matmannion-tabula-api",
    "createdDate": "2015-11-10T15:59:26Z"

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