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Update a small group

Edit a small group's properties.

Permission requirements

The user must have Permissions.SmallGroups.Update ("Edit small groups") on the linked small group set. By default, roles that have this permission are:

  • Module Assistant
  • Module Manager
  • Departmental Administrator
  • User Access Manager

Information about API permissions



The request Content-Type must be set to application/json

URL substitution variables

:moduleCode The lowercase form of the module code for the module containing the linked small group set, e.g. ch225
:smallGroupSetId The unique identifier for the linked small group set
:smallGroupId The unique identifier for the small group

Request parameters

name Optional A name for the small group. Name provided should be less than 200 chars
maxGroupSize Optional Maximum group size.
Will be set to 15 if not provided

Example request

  "name": "groupA-ch225"

An unsuccessful response will be returned in the standard format. A successful response will return the HTTP code 200 OK and the following parameters:

success Boolean true
status The string "ok"
academicYear The string in the format yy/yy"15/16"
groupset A small group set object representing the linked small group set.

Example response

  "success": true,
  "status": "ok",
  "academicYear": "15/16",
  "groupSet": {
    "id": "2552f556-6210-4de7-bb8e-01a3180f629e",
    "archived": false,
    "name": "MySmallGroupSet-01",
    "allocationMethod": "StudentSignUp",
    "format": "lab",
    "openForSignups": false,
    "releasedToTutors": false,
    "releasedToStudents": false,
    "collectAttendance": true,
    "studentsCanSeeTutorName": true,
    "studentsCanSeeOtherMembers": false,
    "emailStudentsOnChange": true,
    "emailTutorsOnChange": true,
    "groups": [
        "id": "2552f556-6210-4de7-bb8e-01a3180f611a",
        "name": "groupA-ch225",
        "students": [],
        "maxGroupSize": 35,
        "events": []
    "allowSelfGroupSwitching": false,
    "sitsLinks": [
        "moduleCode": "CH155-24",
        "assessmentGroup": "A2",
        "occurrence": "A",
        "sequence": "A05"
        "moduleCode": "CH155-36",
        "assessmentGroup": "A2",
        "occurrence": "A",
        "sequence": "A08"
    "studentMembership": {
      "total": 5,
      "linkedSits": 5,
      "included": 0,
      "excluded": 0,
      "users": [
          "userId": "xxxxxa",
          "universityId": "1111111"
          "userId": "xxxxxb",
          "universityId": "2111111"
          "userId": "xxxxxc",
          "universityId": "3111111"
          "userId": "xxxxxd",
          "universityId": "4111111"
          "userId": "xxxxxe",
          "universityId": "5111111"

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