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The Small Group Event object

The small group event object returned by Tabula has the following properties:

id A unique identifier for the small group event
title The title of the small group event
weeks An array of objects representing the minimum and maximum weeks that the event can take place. Each element has two keys, minWeek and maxWeek
day The day of the week that the event takes place on, e.g. Monday
startTime The start time of the event, in the format HH:mm
endTime The end time of the event, in the format HH:mm
location An object representing the location of the event, or null if not defined. The object has one required property, name, and an optional property locationId which relates to the room's unique identifier on the Warwick campus map
tutors An array containing all of the tutors for this event. Each element has two keys, userId and universityId

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