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The StudentComponentMark object

The student component mark object returned by Tabula has the following properties:

Property Description
universityId The student's 7-digit University ID
currentMember Whether the student is a current member of the University. Will return false if the student is permanently withdrawn.
resitStudent Whether the student is expected to resit - i.e. the student has received an R grade for the module in the past and is therefore expected to resit the assessment
mark The current recorded mark for the student on this assessment
grade The current recorded grade for the student on this assessment
needsWritingToSits Whether the mark and grade are waiting to be written to SITS. This generally happens within 5 minutes. If this flag remains true for a long period of time it may indicate that the marks record is missing in SITS.
outOfSync Whether the mark and grade are out of sync between SITS and Tabula; this would happen if a mark was updated in SITS without being updated in Tabula.
agreed Whether the mark and grade have been agreed at an exam board

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