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The Student Course Year Details object

Typically, a student has a single student course year details object for each year on each course that they study while a student.

The student course year details object returned by Tabula for a member has the following properties:

Property Required permission Description
academicYear Profiles.Read.StudentCourseDetails.Core The University academic year represented by this object (e.g. 17/18)
sceSequenceNumber Profiles.Read.StudentCourseDetails.Core The "student course enrolment" sequence number
yearOfStudy Profiles.Read.StudentCourseDetails.Core The block of study represented by this object
studyLevel Profiles.Read.StudentCourseDetails.Core The level of study represented by this object
casUsed Profiles.Read.Tier4VisaRequirement Whether the CAS has been used by this student for this year
tier4Visa Profiles.Read.Tier4VisaRequirement Whether this student has a tier 4 visa for this year
route Profiles.Read.StudentCourseDetails.Core The route that the student is studying in this year
enrolmentStatus Profiles.Read.StudentCourseDetails.Status The SITS enrolment status of this student for this year
enrolmentDepartment Profiles.Read.StudentCourseDetails.Core The enrolment department (typically, the department responsible for administering the student) for this year
modeOfAttendance Profiles.Read.StudentCourseDetails.Status The mode of attendance for the student for this year

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