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The Student Relationship Type object

The student relationship type object returned by Tabula for a member has the following properties:

Property Description

The staff member's role in relation to the student – for example:

  • personal tutor
  • supervisor
  • dissertation supervisor

The student's role in relation to the staff member – for example:

  • personal tutee
  • research student
  • dissertation supervisee

A unique ID to identify the relationship type – for example:

  • personalTutor
  • supervisor
  • diss-supervisor


From version 2019.11.4

Prose description of the student relationship type, suitable for display in a UI – for example:

  • Dissertation Supervisor
  • Major Project Supervisor
  • Personal Tutor


From version 2019.11.4

String suitable for use as a path/URL substitution variable – for example:

  • tutor
  • supervisor

Generally shouldn't contain special characters.

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