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Retrieve Holiday Dates

Retrieve a list of statutory and customary holiday dates known to the system.

Content negotiation

The API will return JSON by default, but will return iCal if the request is made with a Accept: text/calendar request header or the request URL ends with .ics.

Permission requirements

This API is public.




Example request


GET (iCal)

Response parameters

An unsuccessful response will be returned in the standard format. A successful JSON response will return the HTTP code 200 OK and the following parameters:

success Boolean true
status The string "ok"
dates An array of holiday dates, in ISO date format

Example response

  "success": true,
  "status": "ok",
  "dates": [
Customary and statutory holidays

This calendar contains "out-of-office" events for days marked as customary or statutory University holidays.

Subscribe to calendar

If you're using an external application such as Google Calendar, copy this link: Link for Google Calendar

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