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Retrieve a Personal Timetable

Retrieve a list of all scheduled timetable events for the current year in a person's timetable. This does not include one-off events such as personal tutor meetings.

Permission requirements

The user must have Permissions.Profiles.Read.Timetable ("View a member's personal timetable") on the member. By default, administrators, tutors and the person themselves have this permission.

Information about API permissions



URL substitution variables

:universityId The 7-digit university ID of the member to get the timetable for, e.g. 1234567. You can use the special value me to request the currently authenticated user's timetable

Request parameters

academicYear Optional The academic year to fetch the timetable, in the format yy/yy - e.g. 13/14. Defaults to the current SITS academic year (runs 1st August to 31st July)

Note: The Syllabus+ dataset usually only keeps information for the current academic year. There is a period during August and September where the "calendar" academic year is different to the current "SITS" academic year; i.e. the SITS academic year rolls over "early" to the new academic year. During this time, it may be preferable to explicitly state which academic year you wish to retrieve events for.

Example request


Response parameters

An unsuccessful response will be returned in the standard format. A successful response will return the HTTP code 200 OK and the following parameters:

success Boolean true
status The string "ok"
events An array of timetable event objects

Example response

  "success": true,
  "status": "ok",
  "events": [
      "eventType": "Lecture",
      "startTime": "15:00",
      "location": {
        "name": "MS.01",
        "locationId": "41283"
      "description": "",
      "context": "CS118",
      "staffUniversityIds": [
      "year": "14/15",
      "weekRanges": [
          "minWeek": 1,
          "maxWeek": 10
      "endTime": "16:00",
      "uid": "45bbe3265829ec49817b4dcb0c51115b",
      "title": "",
      "name": "CS118L",
      "day": "Thursday",
      "comments": null,
"sgtGroup": {
sgtGroupEventId: "297d1883-f487-42de-9644-5874a7221234",
​​ sgtGroupId: "cef80a91-9d43-45ab-8f16-ae09b6df1234"
onlineDeliveryUrl: null }, { "eventType": "Lecture", "startTime": "15:00", "location": { "name": "H0.52", "locationId": "21337" }, "description": "", "context": "CS118", "staffUniversityIds": [ "0603723", "1170047" ], "year": "14/15", "weekRanges": [ { "minWeek": 2, "maxWeek": 10 } ], "endTime": "16:00", "uid": "8149a1f09e05134d5213fe65defaa30f", "title": "", "name": "CS118L", "day": "Monday", "comments": null,
"sgtGroup": {
"sgtGroupEventId": null,
"sgtGroupId": null
"onlineDeliveryUrl": null, } ] }

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