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The TimetableEvent object

The timetable event object returned by Tabula has the following properties:

uid A unique identifier for the timetable event. For Syllabus+ events, this is generated from an MD5 hex of the name, start time, end time, day of week, location name and context
name The name of the timetable event, e.g. CS118L
title The human-readable of the timetable event. Typically empty for Syallabus+ events
description A description of the timetable event
eventType The type of event. Typically, one of:
  • Lecture
  • Practical
  • Seminar
  • Induction
  • Meeting
though other values are valid
weekRanges An array of objects with the academic week numbers in which the event runs, inclusive. For example, an event that runs in weeks 1 to 10 but not week 6 would return:
"weekRanges": [
    "minWeek": 1,
    "maxWeek": 5
    "minWeek": 7,
    "maxWeek": 10
day The name of the day of week on which the event runs, e.g. Tuesday
startTime The start time of the event in HH:mm format, e.g. 14:00
endTime The end time of the event in HH:mm format, e.g. 15:00
location An object representing the location of the event, or null if there isn't one. Where locations represent somewhere that can be linked to on the campus map, an identifier for the location is also provided. e.g.
"location": [
    "name": "MS.01",
    "locationId": "41283"
Location IDs can be used to generate a link to the campus map in the format[SEARCH_NAME]&slid=[LOCATION_ID]
context The context of the timetable event. This is typically the module code, e.g. CS118
parent The parent of the timetable event. This may include the module name as well as the code.
comments Any comments for the timetable event, or null if none exist
staffUniversityIds An array of University IDs for staff members who are linked to delivering this event
staff An array of person objects, with the following properties:
  • firstName
  • lastName
  • email
  • userType
year The academic year of the event, in yy/yy format.

An object representing a Tabula Small Group Teaching event, including the SGT event ID and SGT group ID = these elements will be null if it isn't a Small Group Teaching event e.g.

"sgtGroup": {
    "sgtGroupEventId": ""3dcc47f0-aee1-49dd-80ab-f70623469333",
    "sgtGroupId": "1658caa7-2a73-41ce-ab11-d9db40d63444"

The Online delivery URL for this event, if specified.

Tabula API Methods