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Autumn Term
1. The Problem with Britain

2. An Imperial People?

3. National Decline, Reproduction and the State

4. The Great War

5. Mass Culture and Popular Pastimes

6. Reading Week

7. Politics and Everyday Life in Interwar Society

8. Research and Sources for the Long Essay

9. The People's War?

10. The Welfare State

Spring Term
11. The Affluent Society

12. The Permissive Society

13. Decolonisation and Immigration

14. Race and Racism in Multicultural Britain

15. The Rise and Fall of the Working Class

16. Reading Week

17. ‘New’ Social Movements After 1989

18. The 'Break-Up of Britain': Devolution, the EU and Brexit

19. Trip to the Birmingham ‘Back to Backs’

20. Heritage, Nostalgia, and Public Memory

Summer Term
21. Revision lecture and seminar
22. Revision seminar