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Cluster people

Dr Andrew Nelson

Associate Professor - Cluster Co-lead

A developmental biologist interested in gene regulatory control of cell fate in the early vertebrate embryo and mammalian placenta. We use functional genomics and transcriptomics to investigate how cellular identities are programmed at the level of chromatin.

Professor Alex Jones

Professor - Cluster Co-lead

Professor Isabelle Carre


Circadian rhythms in plants

Dr Louise Dyson

Associate Professor (Reader)

Professor Lorenzo Frigerio

Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education)

Professor Miriam Gifford

Head of School

Professor Daniel Hebenstreit


Dynamics and mechanisms of transcription

Dr Beatriz Lagunas

Assistant Professor

Molecular plant biologist, focussed on lipid biosynthesis and legume symbiosis

Dr Rob Huckstepp

Dr Bruno Martins

Assistant Professor

Dr Joe McKenna

BBSRC Discovery Fellow

Dr Yuriy Pankratov

Associate Professor

Dr Christopher Rodrigues

Associate Professor

A molecular microbiologist interested in bacterial biology and how bacterial cells develop into highly resistant dormant spores

Dr Antonia Sagona

Associate Professor

A molecular microbiologist focusing on identifying the molecular and cellular mechanisms of phage therapy, using synthetic and cell biology tools

Dr Cathy Slack

Associate Professor

Dr Robert Spooner


My research interests over a long career have included mitochondrial intron inheritance, bacterial genetic regulation, generating targeted anti-cancer treatments, and studies in basic mammalian cell biology.

Dr Katrine Wallis

Associate Professor

I am interested in protein structure and function, especially relating to the ER and its protein folding apparatus. Teaching wise I am interested in molecular biology and biochemistry

Research Staff

Dr Danae Morales Angeles Dr Javier Antunez Sanchez Giulia Barini Dr Katrina Blow

Dr Emily Breeze

Dr Deborah Brotherton

Dr Kelsey Cremin

Dr Gizem Dimlioglu

Dr Sarah Duxbury Dr Chris Graham Dr Jessica Lewis

Dr Luke Richards

Dr Sonal Sonal

Dr Juliana Vilachas

Dr Liam Walker

Dr Robert West

Dr Helen Wilkinson

Dr Chao Ye