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H & S Committee

Health and Safety Committee

The committee meets four times per year, typically in March, June, September and December. Membership of the committee is on a voluntary basis and by invitation of the Head of Department.

The current members of the committee are:

Chair, a senior member of academic staff with an interest in health and safety, or a Director appointed by the Head of Department 

(Chair to retain position for a period of 3 years with potential extension for a further 2 years)

Thomas Hase

Head of Department

Mark Newton

Member of the Senior Management Team, preferably the departmental administrator

Katherine Branch

Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory Manager

Sue Burrows

Representatives for the RTPs co-located within Department

X-ray, Electron Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Scientific Computing

David Walker

Steve York

Postgraduate Student representative


H&S Coordinators covering Statutory Testing areas and audits, including registers:

Technical Services (Building) Manager (and/or nominee)

Water Hygiene, LEVs, Lifting Equipment, Bulk gas storage, Pressure Manifolds, Ladders etc.

Robb Johnston

Representative for Machinery

Workshop Manager (and/or nominee) if relevant

Jeanette Weston

Representative for Non-ionising Radiation

Laser Safety testing and Laser

Emma MacPherson

Representative for Ionising Radiation

Statutory testing of radiation sources, Ionising radiation register

Jon Duffy

Representative for Chemical and Chemical storage

Chemical audit and COSHH assessments

Daniel Mayoh

Representative for Biological Hazards

Bio audit

Vasily Kantsler

Representative for Gas cylinders and associated equipment

Dewars, Compressors, Gas bottles and regulators


Representative for Millburn


Secretariat to the Committee:

Secretary to the Committee

Jake Acton

In Attendance:

Health and Safety Officer

Stephanie Brown

Compliance Officer

Keith Jewkes

Fire Safety Adviser

Gordon Loach

Estates Building Manager

Sam Hanson (Physics, MAS, Physical Sciences)

Steve Clark (Millburn House)

Chemical Safety Advisor

Kate Thompson

University Radiation Protection Officer


University Director of Health and Safety or their nominee

John Phillips

(Word Document) Health and Safety Terms of Reference and Membership

(Word Document) Health and Safety Committee Agenda

Next Meeting: Tuesday 12th December 2023

Meeting Minutes

H&S minutes 2020

H&S minutes 2021

H&S minutes 2022

H&S minutes 2023