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Potential PhD supervisors

The following members of IER's academic staff are keen to supervise PhDs in a range of subjects. The research interests of staff are listed to provide an overview of the subjects and techniques they would be interesed in supervising at a postgraduate level.

Find out about our current doctoral students here.


Dr Sally-Anne Barnes, IER Director of Graduate Studies

Research interests: Inter-relationship between work, careers and learning; career transistions, pathways and career decision making; ICT based innovations, implementations and applications.

Research methodology: qualitative research methodology and data analysis


Professor Chris Warhurst, IER Director

Research interests: labour market and labour process developments, trends and issues. Interested in supervising doctorate and masters research degrees in job quality, skills and aesthetic labour.


Dr David Owen

Research background and interests: Quantitative researcher with a background in geography and undertakes a wide variety of (mainly applied) research, but tend to specialise in the analysis of labour market and demographic change using large data sets. Skills lie in statistical analysis and spatial data analysis. Supervisory interests: Willing to supervise or co-supervise students with PhD topics in the broad fields of quantitative analysis of the labour market, population change and migration.

Photo of Sally Wright

Dr Sally Wright

Research interests: job quality; working time arrangements; pay equity; executive remuneration; workplace health and safety; restructuring; retirement and superannuation; work-life balance

Photograph of Dr Sudipa Sarkar

Dr Sudipa Sarkar

Occupational change; skills mismatch; informal sector and informal employment; primary education; poverty; and female labour force participation.



Gaby Atfield

Research primarily focuses on differential access to the labour market and the relationship between employment and social inclusion/exclusion. Within this broad theme, she is particularly interested in: Work, welfare and public policy, particularly participation of disadvantaged groups in active labour market programmes; Education and employment as vehicles for social mobility; Social capital, social networks and integration, especially of migrants.


Peter Dickinson

Research interests: Peter has been a researcher/ evaluator for his whole career and has directed, managed and delivered over 100 research, evaluation and support projects.

Beate Baldauf

Research interests: working and volunteering in later life and the impact of the fuller working lives agenda on employment, training and career development; skills development and career progression of apprentices and graduates; health and social care labour markets.


Dr Erika Kispeter

Research interests: Interested in how women and men's working lives are shaped by the labour market, work organisations and the welfare state, focussing especially on work-family policies and class inequalities. I use mixed methods in my research, ranging from case studies based on qualitative interviewing and participant observation to large-scale surveys.


Terence Hogarth

Research interests: the inter-relationship between vocational education and training provision with the labour market, skills mismatches, investments in education and training, technological change and skills demand, effective delivery of apprenticeships, the future of work.

Research methodology: interlinked quantitative and qualitative methods


Dr Jeisson Cárdenas-Rubio

Research interests: Jeisson's current research interests focus on analysing Big Data sources and development of labour market information for career guidance, skill shortages identification and labour market forecasting. His interests in these areas span local, national and international aspects.